Improving Gold Fluidity - New NPC [Suggestion]

Diablo III currency aka gold had not much of use after RoS. Stacking up billions of gold can be put to use again with new random spawning NPC.

Goal of this improvment would be:
+Bring good gold fluidity in game to have use for billions of currency stacked up.
+Make bouties and rifts more profitable in terms of exp
+By those make adventure mode more attractive for character progression in comparison to greater rifts supremacy in terms of exp.

How such NPC could work and what goodies would be offered:
+Proposed NPC may be friend with Covetous Shen lore based.
+NPC would spawn randomly on bounty maps and rifts. Similary to the goblins.
+NPC buffs and other modification effects would work only in main game adventure maps, bounty maps and standard rifts.

NPC offer would be random buffs, spawning items, various services diffrent to kadala but offered in the same way but instead of bloodshards paid with gold.

  • Buff offer could include stackable random exp multiplayer xx%-xxx% boosters
    with a cap of total xxx% equal to example: g-rift 100-110 exp value with action time related to rarity.
  • Some additional random items could include “spawn a random goblin” scroll
  • and possibly other variables of ingame meachincs unused by any existing game interaction objects.
  • Trade price with NPC to be scaled with estimated gold income per player. Possibly( 10M-30M per purchase).

Effects of such addition in game present as follows:

  • Having a new ability to put billions of gold to use.
  • Making adventure mode much more reliable in terms of exp and more rewarding to play compared to repetetive Greater rifts progression.
  • Make a gold farming with Boon of the Hoarder and Bovine Bardiche a thing.

Overall small addition to the game with vast expansion to gameplay possibilities.
Billions of gold stacked up could be put to good use :wink:

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it’s a good idea but wont happen
d4 is coming + they give up long time ago on d3
y they give us 1 new set per class but this is it