Inconsistencies ranking daemon hunter europe season 25

As we all know, with the list “total” is represented all sets.
This means that if you play a certain set, you will be further down the ranking - if you can get in - than if you look at the ranking of the set itself.

total ranking is 264

Marodeurs ranking is 411

if 410 Maradeurs are better than me, where are they in the overall list? It would be nice if all the cheaters and botters that have now been thrown out would also be removed from all the other lists.

This is because they did leaderboard resets of Demon Hunter solo (overall), Gears of Dreadland solo, and 2-man, 3-man and 4-man leaderboards after they hotfixed the exploit that GoD DHs were using.

Some of the 410 Marauder clearances that are still above you in the Marauder leaderboard would have also been in the overall leaderboard, but were wiped due to the leaderboard reset of the overall leaderboard.

yes I know. The list was cleaned up because of stupid cheaters / exploit users. I really hope that these unfair players have been banned and are no longer allowed to play actively. At least not with their account, with which they have messed up. For this reason, they should also be removed from all other lists!
What’s the point if I’m high up in the complete list and somewhere in the middle in the specific set list? This is totally pointless. If you reset something here, then please the complete highscore and not just a little bit.

If, then correctly!