Is LoD twister fun/viable?

mostly for rifts and some low grifts, can it be used for fast t16 rifts etc?

would love to hear your opinion :slight_smile:


I noticed Litany of the Undaunted ends up with twice the bonus of Legacy of Dreams.
But Litany doesn’t level smoothly. You got to have ancient legendaries or you get naught.

With Legacy of Dreams (level 41) I’m in T10 now.
Main spell Disintegrate/Entropy.
Spawns Twister once per second, Twister sucks in monsters.
Twister is on my action bar (key 1), glyphed Raging Storm.

The trick: cast Entropy to spawn a Twister. Press 1 to make it onto a big one.
So far this kills anything instantly including rift bosses.

I don’t know how hard it hits. 30180 million did I see this right?

At Rank 25+ the Legacy of Dreams gem also gives double bonus for ancients / primals. The difference is that it also gives single bonus for standard legendaries. Once it has been levelled to Rank 99 it gives exactly the same damage / mitigation bonus as the LoN ring set, i.e. 9750% damage with 13 ancients. The benefit of LoD gem is that you get a choice of two legendary ring powers, versus the LoN set giving you a choice of two legendary gems. Generally, the legendary powers are more beneficial.

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I’ve switched to Raging Storm + Black Ice and I like this playstyle.
Raging Storm is the main spell now. Black Ice saves more energy than Disintegrate and it shoots across the screen.

With the setup of my profile Raging Storm crits for consistently “33B”.
The game also is eager to tell me Black Ice crits of several millions! :slight_smile:

Black Ice > spawn a second twister > Raging Storm pulls in all mobs on screen.
Bume all dead NEXT.

Yes twister works in T16. I reinstalled the game last weekend since I left after season 5.
6 Days later my twister wizard completed T16. I got Raging Storm at 122B-380B. I’m not doing rotations, no planning, just pressing buttons.

Also I’m baffled I got so much suitable gear in so little time.

I got T16 is on farm now with LoD / Twister. Check my profile.
I guess things can be improved, but as for T16 it doesn’t matter anymore.
The playstyle is fun: throw a twister nomnomnom next.

My best twister crit so far is “2229B”.

One journey step remains at 2/3 feats of strength.