Just bought D3, are you kidding me?


Its easy, oh i start to die in GR 70 because i can kill but get wiped. Aha so this ring gives me 70 dmg reduction for 5 secs after using a skill that my 6 piece set force me to use all the time. Good now i go to GR90, from there i need to get ancient versions of my enforced legendary equipment. Want to repeat more the same thing with higher numbers, try to get a primal ancient version of your weapon.

For the author of this topic, in higher GR you only need to be afraid of not killing fast enough and aoe from elites clumping up. Thats the only thing that kills you

campaing of d3 is a joke.
i only played for the cinematics and some achivements.
these days it is all about adventure mode and seasons.
doing the same thing over and over again.

I am curious about if u think it is as easy when lvl 70 and unlocked things. :wink:

So i just finished RoS campaign and i must say i may have found the solution for newbies that feel frustated by the campaign.

Finishing vanilla campaign let me set the difficulty to 4th ouf five, with is “master” and this started to be actually a little bit challenging. And am saying a little bit, not actually challenging, but the master difficulty let me experience three new things i’ve never done in vanilla campaign

  • I died for the first time - doing three rares just when i set the difficulty so i had no idea about the difficulty itself

  • I had to start using potion

  • I had to do some defensive build and not just focus everything to nuke it.
    Boss fights were challenging and even though i haven’t died i had a difficult time to kill Adria and Manthael i finally felt some excitment for the game.

So my solution for newbies would be (that blizzard can do): Scratch first two difficulties. Normal and Hard just begone.

Make expert the new normal - it’s still a difficulty where you don’t have to care about anything and you just nuke and grind everything
Make master the new hard where you have to use your potion sometimes and you can actually die
OR, let the master difficulty be available since the beggining.

And those comments when you say, “it start to be hard when you finish lvl, play adventure and grind higher tier” ofc its going to be hard, because its endless grind of endless raising of the difficulty. It suppose to came to a point where i won’t able to nuke everything.
But that doesn’t contradict the fact, that am talking about the campaing and not about the adventure mode.


Have u found out to join Torment levels?
Once u have made a highlvl char through the campaign, u can start a lvl 1 at torment 6, thats quite challenging. :wink:

I’m going to bet that you’re not playing on a hardcore hero.

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What is wrong with expert on hardcore? I assume you have never played REAL hardcore.

Yeah the simplicity of the game ruined my experience with it with my girlfriend. I was very dissapointed how non-epic the whole thing felt. It was a squash.

Blizzard really dropped the ball. New players aren’t going to want to continue the game on higher difficulties when they play through such a lackluster challenge the first time around.

It was pretty epic when D3 first released, died on Belial, borderline of dying vs Azmodan, Diablos taunts had power between them. It is like the RoS team hated vanilla campaign when they changed the difficulty and it is almost like the AI of the enemies was dumbered too.

The offspring of the (200 or so) fallen angels and mortal women, called “giants”.

Have you been paying attention to the story? It seems not.


The story? You mean The Book of Enoch and the Dead Sea Scrolls? Yes, I have :slight_smile:

Does vanilla Inferno count?


D3 as it currently exists is not meant to be played at one difficulty level like many other games are. It’s not “find the difficulty level that suits your ability and stick with it.”

You’re supposed to advance in difficulty as you progress depending on what gear you find. A single legendary item drop, depending on the item, can increase your power to the point where you can easily jack up the difficulty 3 or more levels and keep on playing.

The purpose of the game is to eventually play it at the highest difficulty, Torment XVI, and then see just how high of a Greater Rift you can handle in either solo or group play.

This is not just for your first play through. Those of us who play it regularly do this 3 or 4 times a year in Seasonal play when we start at level 1 all over again with an empty stash as if we were brand new to the game.

You only get to say that the game is too easy after you play at Torment XVI in Hardcore permadeath mode :slight_smile:

I think you meant to say do lvl 75+ Grift Hardcore Solo.


I’m at 60 and don’t seem to be able to level up anymore, any idea what I might be doing wrong?

You need to buy the ROS expansion and add it to your account. A great experience awaits you.

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you do know d3 is a grindinggame:-)?

Welcome to hell!

a) did i bought some unintentional boosts so i cut through the game like heated katana through butter?

No. the single player campaign sucks. pure and simple. This is one of the problems with D3 in that the single player campaign is too easy.

There is end game content, but progression is patchy. its split into 3 bits - adventure mode, Nephelim rifts and Greater Rifts. Since you cant get the items you need to progress in the solo campaign, the endgame grind is where you will spend most of your time. there will come a point where you need to stop playing solo and are forced to play multiplayer, but multiplayer is just running around after the person who is the strongest out of the players in the game and hoping you don’t get stomped by elemental or arcane damage until you find the items you need to progress

Difficulty levels in D3 are meaningless until you get into Torment levels at which point they scale up faster than you do, so by the time you hit Torment 7 or 8 you will be taking on more of a challenge, but wont have the items to progress (see above)

b) is RoS as easy as vanilla game?

Yes. its got a bit of a better story, but the enemies are a bit more annoying as they have after effects on death.

c) was it always like that or they screwed the game during patches and seasons and never cared to repair it?

This is a much debated point. D3 promised much but didnt deliver on that promise. It has its fans, but comparatively speaking, the community is pretty fractured between people who prefer D2 and those who dont like D2.
D3 tried to be more WoW like in the way it introduced seasons and major patch revisions opening new areas, but ultimately, it doesnt have the long term appeal (at least not to me it doesnt! 0 I am a returning player from before Season 1 just because of the D4 announcement. i have been playing D2 since season 5)

d) i assume the campaing is same for every characters so apart from different kind of grinding there is no reason to start another character

you can, and you dont have to play through the campaign! there is adventure mode that will level you just as fast. When you start playing seasonal characters, you will create different character classes as the builds for the new season are usually developed on the PTR (Public Test Realm) where patches are playtested by the community, so new viable builds for greater rift runs are developed and then blizzard will nerf or buff the builds to make them a bit more playable before the patch gets a proper release.

e) i’ve spent 30€ on the game and i assume am gonna finish it tommorow, what should i do next in the game?

  • Adventure mode to build up lots of crafting materials
  • Nephelim rifts for grinding items
  • Greater Rifts to be able to up your difficulty level.
  • Rifts are where you grind for gear. they are 3-4 level dungeons filled with lots of monsters and a rift guardian. killing unique monsters (they glow yellow or blue) will drop a few pickup orbs that add to a bar shown on the right of the screen. full the bar and the guardian appears. kill him and the rift is complete, but a word of advice… if youre doing a Nephelim rift, dont just end the game when you kill the rift guardian, finish the level off as much as you can as you will gain more legendary items that way, especially early on.
  • Greater rifts allow you to gain Gems with powerful end game effects that can be upgraded. you can only upgrade the gems in a greater rift
  • Post level 70 you earn Paragon levels. these give you bonuses to your damage and abilities.
  • Play until bored.

luckily season 19 is starting next week, so it will be a level playing field for a few months, but until D4 comes out, these issues are going to be the reason you stick with it or drop it in favour of something else.

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