Kinda D3 newb needs advice

Hi all!

While I usually run the seasons as they pop up this time I am having great success with my Demon Hunter.

I really enjoy playing him and can satisfyingly clear T13 without too much effort.

The problem is that T14 goes a lot slower and T15 is just painful.

I was wondering if someone would take a look at my character (EU) and help me figure out “What to do next” as I have seem to have hit a roadbump.

Or if there is some kind of armory I can link to I could do that if that’s easier.

Thanx in advance!

Here’s a link to your seasonal DH…

With that in mind…

However, immediate things I noticed…

Amulet - you want a Hellfire Amulet or Squirt’s Necklace
Bracers - you want Wraps of Clarity bracers for lots of mitigation
Legs - reroll Armour into Vitality
Quiver - missing +12 Discipline secondary affix
Bow - missing +12 Discipline secondary affix

The discipline is a major one as the UE set gives you 350% more damage for every point of discipline you have. So, by missing out on 24 discipline, you’re missing out on 8400% damage.

There’s also the possibility of including two pieces of the Captain Crimson crafted set (belt + legs or boots) and cubing a Ring of Royal Grandeur. The Crimson set gives you a lot of extra damage (from CDR) and mitigation (from RCR).

Also, you’ve runed Multishot with Full Broadside. Until you get to much higher GR levels, where it involves corralling large groups of mobs into packs, the physical rune isn’t the best choice. For smaller pack pulls, or where you’re still pretty much one or two shotting trash mobs, the fire rune Arsenal is better. Whichever rune you end up using though, your bracers should have CHC and 20% elemental bonus that matches the rune you’re using on MS.

Oh, and then there’s the stuff you have Cubed. You’re missing Dawn (65% CDR on Vengeance, which will allow you to keep 100% up-time on it) and Visage of Gunes (gives Vengeance the Dark Heart rune, which is 50% damage mitigation).

Oh, and Companion / Ferret. Unless you logged out after having done some gold-farming, that’s not a useful choice of rune. Usual choices are either Boar (for more mitigation) or wolf (for more damage).

As for Shadow Power, drop that and replace it with Preparation / Invigoration, as that permanently raises your max discipline by 20. Again, due to the UE set bonus, that’s 7000% damage.

So, quickest things are choice of skills / runes. Then, if you fix the discipline on bow, quiver and skill, you’ll gain 44 discipline, which is worth 15,400% damage. Some of the other gearing choices will also make huge amounts of difference to your mitigation / survivability.

Meteorblade said everything already.

UE’s damage comes mainly from Discipline. So we want to maximize Discipline.
To do so, use the skill Preparation/Invigoration. Roll Max Discipline on Torso, Bow, Quiver.

Hatred is the major problem. To solve it, we want permanent Vengeance/Seethe for hatred generation (and damage). Then we need lots of CDR.

  • Cube Dawn
  • Diamond on helm
  • max out CDR from paragon
  • need 3 more CDR on other items
    You need >36.7 CDR on the sheet even with Dawn in the cube.
    Crimson set provide 20% CDR and 20% RCR is a very good bargain. You just need a CDR on one more item.

Once the hatred problem solved, you can replace Night Stalker and Blood Vengeance with more aggressive passives.

Your top priority:

  • use skill Preparation/Invigoration
  • farm new Yang and DML, roll max. disc
  • cube dawn, …

If you use Squirt, I recommend Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard gem.

With proper stats, you can beat GR100 without any ancient items (sub-700 paragon).

FYR, here are my builds in US (traditional UE), and EU (UE+CC):


Oh wow thank you so VERY much for this information!
I didn’t know secondary affixes could reroll into +disc so yeah, that makes for a huge boost!

Guess I’ll be hunting a new quiver haha.

I’ll take a deeper look and report back on how it went.

Again: thank you!

Wow even after some minor adjustments I just TORE through T15!

Thank you so much! I’ll be praying for Primals now (whatever those may be hahaha).


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Well I am now reliably farming T16 with little to no trouble (I die sometimes, but that’s just because of carelessness).

I have fixed my gear up here and there and it works quite well now!

Missing the disc on preparation was huge… wow I overlooked that one.

And I still prefer to use my ferrets over the wolf. Although I do less damage the fact that they pick up gold/health globes helps me keep my harted up so I rarely have to pause and walk around to collect stuff.

Perhaps far from optimal but it makes my gameplay a bit more enjoyable.

It seems a logical next step would be Crimson’s, to make a bit more durable.

Although trading in Squirt’s will hurt for damage it will also give me 50% less damage hahaha.

I will try both and see which one works best for me.

I don’t mind moving a tad slower but killing everything with a satisfying POP rather than speedrun it. But I am learning and thank you all for your responses, you have helped me a great deal!

I think you misunderstand the power of Squirt. You said the opposite.
Squirt double your damage, but you take 50% more damage. It makes you more vulnerable.

In addition, once you take damage, you lose the bonus. We usually equip Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard to absorb damage in order to keep the bonus up.

There are cosmetic pets available and they all pick up gold for you. (Press F1 in-game to see your pet collection). So, by using Ferrets you’re gaining nothing more than a bit of movement speed. If you’re dying, Boar gives you 20% more resistances which is a lot of mitigation. If you’re struggling for damage, Wolf gives you a damage boost each time it’s re-cast.

Do they also pick up health globes? In that case the ferrets seem rather useless…

I don’t use many pets because I find the clutter confusing and I end up dodging my own pets :stuck_out_tongue:

No, just gold. But if your build is right, you don’t rely on health globes.
Either you have enough Life per Hit for recovery, or using the shield of Gizzard gem to prevent getting damage. 20k-30k LpH is good enough for high GR.
Hatred problem is solved by permanent Vengeance. You don’t need health globe to restore hatred.

Ferret is only useful for movement speed before reaching the 25% movement speed cap. Once you have 25% from paragon, and/or gears, you should switch to Wolf (for more damage) or Boar (for more toughness).

Looks like I have some more work cut out for me. I rarely use vengeance but perhaps I should look into that with the suggested CDR.

Thank you again!

Oh, my!

Vengeance provides a 40% damage boost whilst active and in this build you get Seethe (10 hatred per second) and Dark Heart (50% damage mitigation). It’s without doubt the DH’s single best ability and that’s why you want to get a Dawn in the Cube to help maintain 100% up-time on it.

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Sorry to sound nubish but I read “Dawn” in most of the posts. What may you be referring to?

Dawn is a hand crossbow; see Dawn - Game Guide - Diablo III for additional information. When used in the cube, it reduces the cooldown of Vengeance by 65%

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Ouchies I am so very affraid I might have already sharded that >.>

Well back to hunting!

Hi Noredor,

Trying to find another one can consume a lot of time… if you have a lot of crafting materials, you can use the 3rd recipe of the cube (Hope of Cain) to upgrade a rare Hand Crossbow, that you either looted or crafted at the Blacksmith, into a legendary one. You might just get lucky…

I wouldn’t try to get one from Kadala… the chance of getting one are very low, I would think.

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I disagree with the 3 slots having CDR - you only really need CDR in paragon, diamond in helm and on shoulders. You have around 1-2 seconds down time, just back off and stay safe (learn how to move/dodge/kite/vault). Rolling CDR on a 2nd and 3rd item is just wasting slots that would be better used for DPS imho.