Momentum and Focus+Restraint /w Gears of Dreadlands set

I may be barking up the wrong tree or it may say somewhere else
but i couldnt find anything.
I’ve currently got the 6 set of gears of dreadlands aswell as wraps of Clarity wrists, focus and restraint rings.
I’m just confused that focus doesn’t proc with the primary’s shot from strafe yet wraps of calamity does, also the primary’s shot from strafe doesent stack momentum,

Gears of Dreadlands 2 set reads “Gain 4 seconds of Momentum when attacking with “a Primary Skill””
Gears of Dreadlands 4 set reads “Strafing against enemies will automatically shoot your last used “primary skill””

Focus 2 set reads “When you hit with a resource-generating attack “or primary skill”, deal 50% increased damage for 5 seconds.”

Wraps of Clarity reads “Your Hatred Generators reduce your damage taken by XX% for 5 seconds.”
Wraps is the only one that doesent even mention Primary skills yet it procs,

Quotes are Purely for Enthisis on Primary skill

just a trash casual, looking for answers, thank you for your time in reading this

That doesn’t seem normal to me. F&R should always be active, both buffs. Strafe is your spender and hungering arrow your generator. By strafing and shooting arrows you enable both rings. Your hungering arrow has to be shot independently, outside of strafe, every few seconds. This is very important. You want to shoot some arrows in the air first to just get your stacks up to 20, then you start strafing. From that moment your main concern should be to cast manually huntering arrow every second or so to keep this number as high as possible. When both rings are active, it is a 2.25x multiplier for your damage.