My Sin Seekers didn't get updated with damage bonus after 2.6.5

How come i’ve got both Ancient Sin Seekers with “Rapid Fire no longer has a channel cost” and normal Sin Seekers with “Rapid Fire no longer has a channel cost and deals 250% increased damage”? I know it was changed in 2.6.5, but shouldn’t the existing items be updated (as it happened with Mantle of Channeling and Deathwish on my Wizard)? Can GMs update it for me or something :)?

When non-set legendaries get new / improved affixes, they are not retroactive, which means if you want one with the new affix you have to find a new one.

Item powers in the Cube are updated though, so if you had Mantle / Deathwish in the Cube the power would be amended to the new version.

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Well, that’s the case: my wizard’s Mantle of Channeling, Etched Sigil and Deathwish items were retroactively updated as said in the patch notes (Patch 2.6.8 Now Live - Diablo III). That’s what got me wondering why Sin Seekers haven’t undergone the same thing and if retroactivity might be selective on Blizzard’s side or something?