Necro Syphon blood blood nova proc + stone gauntlets bug

Ok, so i started having these issues the past 2 days… it seems that after Stone gauntlets proc stacks 5 times, i can’t proc blood novas at all and the only way to solve it is to run away and wait the stacks disapear…

I know it’s weird because lots of people are using this build and I don’t understand why this just started to happen 2 days ago…

Anyone else having this issue or is it just me?

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The Technical Support forum is the wrong forum for this topic. The TS forum is for issues in installing/patching/connecting to Diablo III and for crashes. Your topic should appear either in the Necro forum or General Discussion. Please scroll up to the top of the message and click the pencil tool to the right of the title; this will allow you to change the category from Technical Support to either Necromancer or General Discussion.

Yes… that is how the Stone Gauntlets work. If you read again the power on the glove, you will note that it says :

Getting hit increases your armor by 50%, but reduces your movement speed by 15% and attack speed by 20%. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

Once you get hit 5 times, you can no longer attack until the stacks wear off (5 x 20% = 100%). I don’t play the Necro but, in the classes I do play, there is a skill that provides an immunity to that type of effect… Akarat’s Champion for Crusaders, Wrath of the Berserker for Barbarians, etc… There may be one such skill for Necros. You must be permanently in that mode… otherwise, when it wears off, you will be affected by the Stone Gauntlets attack speed reduction and immobilizing effect.

Another alternative is to use the Ice Climbers boots either on your hero or in the cube.

Finally, the new Bottomless potion of the Unfettered can provide a temporary (short duration) relief… you will need to test and experiment a little to see how/if it works for you.

BE CAREFUL… I see that you play HC… a HC hero is not a good guinea pig… one mistake and… you will lose the hero.

Other Necromancers may have more advice regarding Stone Gauntlets.

Best of luck with this.


Thks a lot for the reply… u just solved my issue, i switched my ice climbers for steuart’s greaves for faster farm and that’s why this started to happen only 2 days ago…

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Good to hear… Best of luck in your games.

As my understanding, you need to “channel” Siphon Blood to proc Iron Rose.
i.e. holding down the button for a while.

The reason he couldn’t channel was because of the slowing of Stone Gauntlets.