New idea for season 20 to benefit all builds

Most builds especially in HC cant benifit from all cube boxes to be anything we want, weapon box is always dmg, ring/amu box is nearly always dmg, and armour box nearly always needs to be dmg reduction or we all die.
i think a better idea would be to have a 4th box to have anything in. This way every build can benifit.
thankyou and goodnight

As a HC player you always have the option to prioritize toughness over damage. If you wanna make hardcore more attractive then the play mode should be given something that wasn’t available to softcore. Season 20 with next patch is already programmed so it’s no use asking for major new stuff. Asking for a fourth cube slot in a future patch is probably too much - but who knows.

You could wear an elemental immunity amulet, cube three of the others, wear Ice Climbers and there’s almost nothing you could stand in that would cause you damage.

whatever guys, u dont get it. Clearly u dont play HC. Dont come preaching to me about my options, i know my options ty. dmg reduction ent an issue. but to swap out the normal armour slot with extra dmg we become squishy in high gr. so keeping the tradional way is actually better. hence why i suggested a 4th cube slot

You’re just talking about power creep. Doesn’t change much whether it’s HC or SC. Several classes have done 150 solo HC season 19 (benefiting from the season theme of course).

I actually had the same idea because most builds already use armor slot and jewelry slot for really good legendaries. They wont get any advantage. If you share your ideas in us forum it will get more attention.