New idea... PvB!1!1!

Let us fight in a group of two to four against new buffed bosses. Just like greater rifts its on a time limit and for every 2 minutes you have left when boss rift is finished makes it up in rewards.

I think players would like this cuz I was playing a lot when game first came out and battling Belial was quite popular also Cydea was a fine boss when her spider minions could 1shot the player forcing force move. Also ressurecting was hard but doable (should I res him or keep dealing dmg?)

I know blablabla everybody hates this game so lets be nihilistic etc etc this idea would not take to much work eh? Maybe like 5 difficultys all unlocked when clearing grift 100 solo or smth like that. another idea is that when it opens. Diablo 3 counts partys toughness and give difficulty after that.

edit: could work with a paragon cap at level 400 and players distributing their points just before the battle.

It would probably end up with parties consisting of supports and boss killers.

yup…that’s exactly what would happen.

Sodril, if you want hard boss fights, try PoE. Night and day vs boss fights in D3 imho. Even with vanilla D3, boss fights were easier than with PoE.

nice! any specific reward?