Out of touch - D4 is Dead on Announcement

No, random item properities and random drops is the nature of Diablo, not any skill or any item doing random things, thats new since D3, first thing i recall is a rune for the “channeling magic missile” of the wizard. When you generalize like that i feel you either trolling or insulting my intelect (maybe just a fanatic that dont care about actual facts). Like ive seen in your examples of clumped up in other topics.

And Prometheus, D3 is made for consoles from the beggining even if its released after. Its very clear since you have 6 skills. You can use less and be far from optimal (cooldowns), but never use more.

Its very simple, if it was for PC and adapted to consoles you would have to scroll between skills with R1 and L1 for example. D3 is the first Diablo that limits your choices, even more after RoS was released.

When sets forces X skills (was not the case in vanilla), lots of things dissapeared, like % lifeleech; which just made the game even more simple. I was a Monk player (like your portrait), how do you think it felt when Monk only could “support” at RoS release, no single player game for you anymore, that just shows how poor the expansion was tested before release. And the huge increase in stats the new items gave, just forced you to leave behind old equipment.

These are just a few examples, Prometheus you are really a D3 fanboy, which doesnt like the system of the previous ones, most definetly you tested it at patch 1,13 or 1,14 through the guides (let me guess…hammerdin). But never played it or D1 when they came out. That makes a huge difference in how you feel about the game; i say this because i read a lot of your posts in different topics. Its completely fine and ok with me, post your ideas and feelings. BUT understand and respect the feelings of those of us who grew up with this franchise and would love to use our brains wile building and playing, not be told by default what to use, how to cycle cds, and what we need to grind to be able to make a build work. I DONT WANT TO SEE green numbers indicating i should change the item in slot, I DONT WANT to grind for same item in ancient and primal ancient version.

I feel like this franchise becomes simpler and simpler just to make it easy to run through the game for anyone without even thinking, that should be achievable in normal, nightmare should require at least some build planning and equipping accord, hell really good optimized build and some grind/craft for specific stats improving that build; and lets say inferno difficulty, fully equipped optimized build just to be able to go through.

Been playing a new game on D2 recently after the anouncement of D4, let me point out some nice things.

What are you afraid of in D3 in end game?
Not killing fast enough and elites aoe skills clumping up, thats it, nothing more nothing less.

In D2 you take care of engaging, even normal mobs: 1 slows you through cold damage aoe, another one increase atk speed wile hitting you, and archers lower your defense through curse making you take more hits. Low hit recovery makes you get stunned there too. These are just normal mobs.

D3 is just run through everything and kill it, no punishment for entering a crowd of enemies.

So much running to the entrance of a door to force a max of 3 monsters vs you at a time in D2, wile just advancing through the game at a normal pace.

This could go on and on, but i dont have the time, feels its enough tho.

Now instead of rebating me the same way ive seen you doing before, make a topic of why D3 is better than D2 in mechanics, in challenge, in itemization, in build diversity, in story, in being afraid (the dark theme, like low light radius, an almost empty dungeon where you wonder where and when enemies are going to come, where you cant see further than twice the reach of your lance); and let me give you a point where it can win… in graphics.

After posting this, i saw you relax from the daily frustrations playing D3 as a break from RL, NOW i understand why you like to play D3, its very simple to feel like a good player that achieved something with a few hours here and there; thats why you would not go through hell alone…ever. And thats why you prefer the torment levels, ok fair enough a fan of D3 wanting D4 to be easy go through without extra frustration, already have it in RL. My tip, master Golden Axe and go through it everyday, its better than repeating GR.

Good night


Oh, the irony! You are the first here to think that I “use by default” what to use.

If, as you say, you have indeed been reading my previous posts in these forums (old and new), you would have known that I have constantly been ragged upon for NOT playing the currently accepted builds.

Like you, I don’t always use “the green number” to decide if I want to replace an equipped item or not. I always take all property rolls into account, and have at times swapped items out where I have actually add to sacrifice (for example) attack speed, resistances, toughness, etc. in favor of some other gain.

For me, Diablo in the past 23 years has always been about me making my own choices to play using my rules.

This is why I’m excited for the release of D4. Blizzard have said they are scaling down the prevalence and importance of sets (cookie-cutter builds) and again concentrating on Legendary Items in order to promote more builds through play-your-own-way.

I do not recall the exact words used, but I believe one of the devs at Blizzcon said that they “no longer want fans to play the game in ways decided on by the devs, but want the players to make their own choices and builds. Legendary Items will be equal to or better than sets”.

I have been, and always will be, “A Diablo Fanboy”.

Prometheus Diablo 3 Seasons

What a cry baby post, djeez man, get a life.

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In D4 demo play of Rhykker, developer Kim from SC2 said that it will be a lot of legendaries, a lot, that will change how skills work; and Mythics that will have 4 mods for skills. What i would like to see is having a lot of build diversity through skills and passives ( dont limit me to 6, i may want to use less or more, and dont make me choose between 1 of 5 skills in each slot).

That way i can choose how to play, and not adapt to what i find in terms of build.

I remember the huge frustration of searching for the daibo that reduced CD of 7 sided strike, cant complete builds without specific items. That caused in the end a constant rain of legendaries that dont feel rewarding anymore.

What do you prefer Prometheus, make a build of your choice and improve it through gear (mostly prefixes and suffixes you can find in magic items). Or have gear decide what skills and passives you need to use, and adjust your character to that?

No irony here, to me is not rewarding to play something i think its cool and be stucked on lower difficulties unless i change to specific legendaries that will allow for higher content with specific skills. Is it for you?

Or do you feel more satisfied when the slow progress of your early weak build blooms at certain level and rocks after getting the correct prefixes and suffixes in items?

The first one. I prefer to make my choice when I start a new hero, and then improve it through gear. In most cases so far, both skill and item choices have changed depending on the game has progressed.

I don’t want to let my gear decide what skill I need to use. This is why I’m thrilled that sets will not be as important in D4 as they are in D3.

Oh, but you are maybe missing a huge thing, no more sets its true.

Now its legendaries that change skills, so instead of set, same thing with legendaries. I dont see that as an improvement. Just same juice in a different glass

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Here i leave a link to a topic i agree 100%. Its definetly worth your time.

Well, actually, with there being plans of having more legendary items than set items, players will have a wider range of choice other than the cookie-cutter bottleneck that exists today in Diablo 3.

Whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen.

Im 50 years And played all diablo games. All were great And The most hours have been played in d3. So you can whine about d4 , but im sure for diablofans iT Will be a great game. And if you already complain now where iT still needs approx 2years or more then go play Some else my god you are vinigar pissers. Move on enough games around And dont think for 1 Second iT wont be a succes


Well said, Robavatar. Well said indeed! :+1:

Im a huge Diablo fan, problem is it moved from ARPG to A Hack and slash with no RPG, thats why i give feedback as so many others in this early stage.

It seems that there is an proportional inverse relationship between your age and cognitive function, thats why you prefer being hand guided in D3, maybe it is the same when crossing streets robavatar?

More choices yes, but you will still need to find the items that goes with the build you would like to play, instead of choosing that path since level 1; thats what im worried about

This statement already shows that you’ve bottle-necked yourself into having no choice.

The very idea that you want to use “the build you would like to play” is locking yourself into a style of play decided upon by someone else, with no room for your own choices and individuality.

One of the defining pillars of Diablo IV will I think be the idea that Legendary items will again be more important than sets, which will in turn allow for more play choices.

For example, in Season 18, I had more success than ever before by using an unaccepted Inna’s Mantra build. My S18 hero, Alexis, is using a hybrid of primarily Inna’s Mantra, Raiment of a Thousand Storms, Bastions of Will and Squirt’s Necklace which is completely and utterly different from what was considered to be acceptable at the beginning of the season.

Is she strong enough for the leader-boards? No. But that doesn’t matter because I don’t play for a spot on the leader-boards. But she is the the strongest and most successful seasonal hero I have ever created for myself since the very inception of Seasons.

The further away Diablo IV moves from fixed “preset builds” the better off it will be.

We better start complaining and give feedback early when D4 is still in incubation state, thus enhancing the chance of them to hear us rather than be silent now and witness an ultimate f*ck up in the end.

If this D4 doesn’t pull it off it’s the end of the franchise.

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Read and dont try to change it to something else you later rebate.

What about doing this mechanic since level 1 CHOOSING this path, and make it better through items, thats what i mean.

But in your statement, YOU need X items of 3 different sets to mod how skills work and/or the damage they deal and at least X other legendaries to mod it further.

YOU HAVE NO CHOICE but to find this items before testing that build, without a constant rain of legendaries like in D3 it will take a lot of time to gather.

I prefer to start building it since the beggining and see it progress lvl by lvl without any need of specific items; just specific stats of items to improve that way of playing. Then finding a legendary thats good for the build will make me very happy, completely contrary will be to need all those legendaries to see if the idea works, and not finding 1 or some of them will frustrate me as the build will not be functional yet.

Just recalling (as a monk player) as in previous patches without legendary rains not finding Flying dragon or Flow of eternity after huge amount of hours invested just made me give up. In this case your build is up to the RNG gods, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.

But this is what players (including myself) complain about in Diablo 3. Most builds a centered around specific sets and associated combinations of prescribed skills and supporting weapons.

This doesn’t leave a lot of room for choice.

This is also a problem today. Everybody wants to play a specific build, and they don’t want to have to wait to do it. They want to start playing their game, and 2 days or less later they are finished with max level everything.

Use a little bit of creativity and choose to play in a manner that defies “accepted norms” and you’ll find yourself enjoying the game for far longer than you’d expect. That’s what I do anyway…

So why do you not instead choose your own path and play with what you do find, instead of trying to copy-and-paste what someone else has already done?

Blizzard themselves has on numerous occasions stated that they would like to see a lot more different and interesting builds out there. Why? Because they don’t want everyone all playing the same way.

Right now its possible with legs rain (which doesnt feel rewarding, going for ancient and primal ancient after that), but before it wasnt, i personally tried to make a build with 7 sided strike up for use almost every second as it left you invulnerable for the duration, never found that flow of eternity in that season. So the only thing i wanted to try during that said season i couldnt=frustration.

And that was not any top gear GR clearing at the time.

I reckon D4 will be like D3 & D2, will be things I like and others I hate, that’s games for ya. Even hated the REAL D first time I met Butcher :slight_smile: Do agree with those who complain about compulsory online, it causes more probs than needed. The other thing, stop with the bright lights that blot out the map and give me a flashing pointer when I’m stuck in a mass brawl with white enemies in a snow covered surrounding.

And now that PoE 2 is announced, D4 is definitively just a dead game on Alpha stage. Blizzard is pretty much dead. It’s been a good ride, but hey, like the father of the most emblematic character of Blizzard once said: “No king rule forever”. All thanks to Activision.


Some people don’t understand how different a game will feel based on different balance, itemization and progression. D4 should be interesting with the MMO elements, particularly if it also has a bit more of a hardcore feel along side them. It might feel like a hardcore mini MMORPG.

People are often so emotional and polarized in their opinions nowadays, either they love things or hate things… Thinking of things this way is more damaging than good. It most certainly doesn’t come from a place of forming a rational opinion based on current evidence, it just comes from obscure abstract twisted inaccurate imagery conjured up in a persons mind.

I think it could potentially be really good, I don’t think any of the features mentioned necessarily ruin the game in any way. What really matters is how they subjectively balance the game.


Nope. Different games and one of them is free which means you could still pay for one and play both.