Please give me insight about D3 Campaign

Hi guys.
I want to buy D3 + Reaper of Souls initially for the campaign, story and lore. If I enjoy adventure more later that’s a plus.

What I wonder is, if I play the campaign very leisured, doing all quests without rushing the monsters, how many hours of gameplay may I take from it?

I searched and I have super mixed answers. Some have done it in 4h, 6h, 15h. “How long to beat” site says it should take around 18h for main story.

So guys, what’s your opinion about it?

For someone new, listening to the dialogues and watching cutscenes, learning the game casually. I would personally put it on about 15 hours.

The game has no side-quests, only some form of events you run into from time to time.

If you happen to like the game and decide to stay for the post story content. i.e. the core hack and slash experience. It would be around 100hrs+

Some of us are approaching 3000 hrs and aren’t even super Diablo fanatics.

Hey Ronnie, thanks for answer me.
Well, I posted the same question on reddit and got one similar opinion (around 15h) and six other saying that at max I could that in 8h.

I really think, knowing myself, that I should take 10~20h to do it the first time. But it might be a better move save the money for D4 (that I’ll buy anyway) and just watch D3 lore vids

Nah dont wait for D4 its black friday buy d3 now its on sale too. If you like the genre the game offers well over 1000 hours of play. The story is good but you will get hooked.Even getting one build close to its full potential should take you a couple hundred hours and there are 7 classes if you buy the necromancer expansion. D4 wont be out for at least a year. Kerberos sounds greek btw if you are greek add me ingame i ll help you out once you are done with the campaign.

edit: i didnt realize this was console discussion.I am on pc still the game is worth it.

BlackOut, hey thanks for that.

Unfortunately I wont have that time right now to play that much, my goal is decide if I should buy it now once it’s on sale and play later just to catch up with lore to play D4 in the future.
I have some PoE experience yes but even D3 being a bood game I don’t have that much time. It’s a shame because I can see D3 have a “smaller” but very passionate community.

Two more things: 1) I intent to buy on PC (I can only post here once I don’t own D3 yet); and 2) my family (and my last name) have some greek ancestral indeed but it’s far way by now, I’m from latim america. I might hit you anyway if I get D3

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