Primal ancient item re-forge

One negative thing about such a thing could be that then players would feel compelled to farm for primal items and do reforge after reforge. Because once you got your primal it would just be a matter of reforging untill it was perfect (and with a high reforge price you’d be forced into maybe endless farming again).

I don’t know about the cost either but I think reforging a primal and being guaranteed to get another primal is a great idea! :grin::+1:t2: I also really like the idea of a different colored gift that’s really rare that can be used to reforge a primal… :grin::+1:t2::+1:t2:


^^ Yes please, this would be great!!!


Perhaps another simple change would be to allow enchantments to 2 properties (instead of 1) for primals. This should cover those cases where there are unlucky rolls and allow the item to be truly primal.

Thanks for the input, just to summarise.

Let primal ancients be truly primal by:


Reforge primal to primal with some kind of rarer, different coloured Ramaladnis gift + some kind of cost (more complex)


Allow 2 properties to be enchanted on primals instead of 1

Any better ideas?
Thanks all.


Indeed iT looks nice, but never gonna happen. Just like offline mode

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lol robavatar, you don’t sound very hopeful …

Option 1 for the win, easiest to implement.
Here Blizzard, i even wrote some over-simplified, pseudo code for you :slight_smile:

	case HoradricRecipe::ExtractLegendaryPower:
		// existing code
	case HoradricRecipe::ReforgeLegendary:
			container itemType = [primal];
			newItem = RNG::generate(itemType);  
			container itemType = [legendary, ancient, primal];
			newItem = RNG::generate();	// existing code

	case HoradricRecipe::UpgradeRare:
		// existing code



why not make primal rings and amulets drop with chc chd and a socket gloves with mainstat chc chd and weapons with mainstat ias and weapon damage, leaving the 4th stat open for specific needs


Good point Zwiebel, this would narrow things down a lot and greatly reduce the need for enchanting and reforging. There isn’t huge diversity when it comes to builds but still if I think of thorns/support/cooldown reduction/resource reduction … a reforge option could help there.

Thorns builds and Supports don’t want CHC / CHD so forcing all primal rings to have those affixes on them would render primal rings useless to them. Also, IAS on weapons is completely useless to some builds. For example, if I got a primal weapon for WW/Rend I’d want Main Stat, 10% CDR and 24% AD, and I’d roll the main stat off for 10% weapon damage.

Primals are just ancients with their values at the top of the affix range. Don’t go messing about with forcing them to have specific affixes, especially when doing so would render primal versions of the items useless to some builds.


Well said Meteorblade - for the sake of diversity (which should be encouraged) it wouldn’t be good to limit the affixes. Zwiebel’s point would have helped in my particular case where I got ‘Vitality’ and ‘Life per spirit spent’ on a monk weapon BUT it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind.

I realise many would say, it just has to be accepted that the relevant primal you get (relevant as in part of build) will not always be better than their ancient ‘version’ to due the affixes rolled. Suck it up, salvage and move on …

Or perhaps, for one season it could be tested, that reforging a primal always generates a primal of the same type. Then when you see that red beam, and it’s not blackthornes, but actually part of a build you’d like to try … you know you’ve hit the jackpot. :slight_smile:

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That’s would be the most ergonomic option in the game indeed. Good idea :slight_smile:


Interesting idea for primals to be reforged only to primals… I think a lot of players would like that. They could make the recipee require more materials to be more challenging but still rewarding. Another idea is to make a primal puzzle ring guaranteeing you another random primal just like the first time you complete a 70 rift. It’s not that game changing. I 've only found 3 primal puzzle rings in my life.

I would also like to see a new gem like Legacy of dreams or a new set of rings allowing a full primal build to be viable for all those primals that we were hyped once they dropped and they turned out to be Blackthornes, Butcher’s Carver, Eye of Etlich and Gladiator gauntlets. Maybe a middle tier build, that would be fun to play.

Its a grinding game, if iT were So easy with primals there would be nothing to hunt for. So Just as sockets with ramaladni(lot of tries) its not gonna happen

I am in favor of letting them turn Primal for Primal for a much larger price. Because 99% of them are smashed by a blacksmith anyway.
To do this, let them do the minimap updates. Please let the colors be elite and see the teammate’s name.

Thank you

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Any way of knowing if Blizzard actually reads these posts? :slight_smile:


Good question Primax! Every once in a while it seems like there will be a ‘blue’ post (post from a Blizz representative).

Looks like this thread is pretty much done but after scanning through all the replies again, this would be the best change in my opinion. I’ll give 3 reasons:

  • It’s an easy one for the devs. (let’s face it, with the focus being on D4, we can’t expect Blizzard to invest too much time into something like this)

  • it encourages build diversity (items could be tailored for support builds etc. or even be used by another class by enchanting the main stat)

  • for the occasion when one does get really unlucky rolls/stats, there is still a good chance to redeem the item

Any final thoughts? Thanks for the feedback.


I think the current situation is fine, part of the fun of DIablo is looking at eachothers primal ancients and see how utterly useless they are. This is to remind you that it’s mind over matter!

What I would like to re-roll is say an Intellect to a Strength without the need to relog to a Strength char so I can buff my follower more easily. And I would like to have some indication of dps change before I re-roll so I can choose the best stuff without needing to go to a website where I can find this info.

And I would like items that can add a socket to jewelry like they exist for weapons, or a way to use more than 3 legendary gems in jewelry.

Just a small note here: the damage from your follower means absolutely nothing. So intelligence or dexterity main stats on items used on the templar for example, is just okay. What is important is attack speed and cdr. Lots of players even avoid choosing (and using) some of the follower skills in order to not have followers interfere with monster immunity.

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:slight_smile: the useless ones get salvaged though?

This change is not intended for when you get another blackthornes primal but for when you actually get an item that you can use in your build but you got seriously unlucky rolls … there would be a chance to redeem it.

• Build up chance to reforge legendary in Kanai’s cube to primal legendary with every reforge of certain item.
• Ancient legendary items has higher chance to become primal legendary while reforged in Kanai’s cube.
• Primal legendary items can be salvaged for 200 forgotten souls.
• Ramaladni’s gift can be salvaged for 100 forgotten souls.
• New Kanai’s cube crafting recipe - 10x Ramaladni’s gift will remove lock of enchant on item and can be crafted again in another affix.
• Ez.