Proposed Quality of Life changes

Hi there.
I have a number of ideas that may improve Diablo 3. These may take the form of seasonal buffs, or hopefully permanent changes.

Proposal 1:
Additional options at the Rift Stone. So, the thought here is to reduce RNG and significant time wastage. It is accepted now that not all rifts or mobs are equal. Hence the excessive fishing for the right maps and mobs. I would propose that when you click on the stone, that you had the following options:
1/. Open a Normal Rift. (as per current)
2/. Open a Greater Rift at your prescribed GR Level (as per current), with a single GR key cost.
3/. Open a GR at your prescribed GR Level, with the first map being a specific type of terrain type, at a cost of say 5 or 10 GR keys.

Proposal 2:
Kanai’s Cube Recipe “Reforge Legendary” should be made cheaper. The material requirements should be reduced to say, 3 of each of the bounty materials and say, 25 Forgotten Souls.

Proposal 3:
Kanai’s Cube Recipe “Reforge Legendary” be expanded. This would allow you to recraft an Ancient Legendary item into an Ancient Legendary of the same items. This would effectively re-roll the item’s RNG stats. Increase the costs to say 10 or 15 of each bounty material and 50 or 75 Forgotten souls.

Proposal 4:
Kanai’s Cube Recipe “Reforge Legendary” be expanded further. This would allow you to recraft a Primal Ancient Legendary item into an Primal Ancient Legendary of the same items. This would effectively re-roll the item’s RNG stats. Increase the costs to say 25 or 40 of each bounty material and 100 or 150 Forgotten souls.

Proposal 5:
Increase the amount of Forgotten Souls that are received when Salvaging a Primal Ancient Legendary. 15 Forgotten Souls is far too few considering their rarity, when it costs 50 Forgotten souls just to re-roll a legendary item in the cube. This should be increased to 50 (or say 25, if the above changes are considered).

Proposal 6:
As a Seasonal Theme or a Permanent fixture, Blizzard should consider introducing a “maps” drop from Rift Guardians. This could even be a reward or drop chance when successfully killing say a GR 100 and higher Guardian (this would increase its rarity and incentivise farming it for the elite or leader board pushers). Similar to Path of Exile, this would encourage farming for map types that you prefer playing. The proposal would be that ALL of the levels of the opened map would be of the type indicated on the “map” item itself, ie. forests, or sewers, etc.

Proposal 7:
That you and your pet would auto collect/loot all items that are stored in the materials column, ie. not in your stash. This would include GR keystones, Death Breathes, etc. Similar to the gold collection.

Thank you for your time.

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D3 is RNG and RNG is a .itch.
But compared to other games from genre, d3 droprate for legendaries and more is so high, that it is hard to run a rift without getting one leg, even at normal.

To have more influence at the kind of map you will be running by getting choice of what map you will get, is no good idea. We will all then run the same map over and over again with same settings, just the choice to have best mob density, mobs giving the most progress and guardian what is quickly killed. No more else then.
It is not a big deal to run T16 Rift and get 4 keys, this should not take 5 minutes, as long you are not willing to look for flowers, bees and trees…
With 4 keys from 5 minutes playing the game of your choice, you get 4 chances to have the GR, you are looking for. Well at least the first stage of it.
Where would be the fun, if you get always the same best chance, boring.
So I think, we should not be allowed to choose what tilesets we will have.

The cube is really cheap already. To reroll a legendary to even get ancient or primal is worth 5 mats of each act and the souls. With split bounties, challenge rift and now even double bags from bounty, it is no big deal to pay the price.
50 souls take how long? 20 minutes T16 rifting, i imagine or less and you could collect them while doing the bounties.
This recipe is fine as it is, where is the excitement to get a primal, if it just would take some more mats to get garanteed primals from cube. Very bad idea.

And the following quality of life demands from your thread are all the same about, get fast primal all slots by crafting and cubing and even therefor you want to reduce the amount of mats.
Sorry but the game is an arcade racer today but don´t make it more easy.

Path of exile is not Blizz and they are working for their players, you can´t expect Big B. will do the same. Because d3 is a dying cow, no more milk giving, they are at d4. While PoE will be expanded by every lague and new mechanics. And they have PoE2 in work, but are doing both.

Ok let me expand on this a bit.

It used to be that crafting material actually took up inventory space. They changed that and that was a good idea but since I am an habitatunal loot picker I get tons of materials I never use. In the olden days I could take stacks of crafting materials and simply vendor it to get some cash. A simple way to once again sell crafting materials this again would be nice. If nothing else, a simple sell option at the vendors for grey/white/blue/yellow loot similar to the salvage buttons at the blacksmith.

Converting hard to obtain resources (crafting / bounty materials) into easy to obtain resources (gold) doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you’re not making use of the materials, you’re also unlikely to have a use for the gold either.

For example, if you go to one of the NPC vendors in town with a bag full of white / blue / yellow items and sell them for gold, I’d be surprised if you got more than 10,000 gold per item. So, a bag-full is worth 300,000 gold. If I do a single T16 rift with a Boon of the Hoarder gem equipped I could easily get 50,000,000 gold.

If you have lots of materials, have a play with the cube’s “upgrade rare to legendary” and “reforge legendary” recipes. They’re good ways to get targeted upgrades of items, e.g. reforging a spare weapon of the one a hero is already wearing, to see if you get a better version, e.g. ancient, primal, better affixes, and so on.

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I meant all those very basic crafting materials. Not the Death Breaths, forgotten souls or whatever come after. Those tend to run out, not the junk. Even if I just get a small amount of cash that is still better then just adding to the junkpile since it is so easy to salvage the junk. You are right about the hoarder gem thou, I need to level that one and use it more.

Okay, it’s time to annoy people because I’m going to do some basic maths.
On my non-seasonal softcore heroes, I have this many basic materials…

592,820 - Reusable Parts
592,602 - Arcane Dust
591,757 - Veiled Crystals
24,088 - Death’s Breaths
44,520 - Forgotten Souls

Most items, when sold to a vendor, are worth under 8,000 gold but let’s go with 10,000 gold per item sold just to make the maths easier.

When salvaged, each white item gives 8-12 white materials, so let’s go with 10.
When salvaged, each blue item gives 3 blue materials.
When salvaged, each yellow item gives 1 yellow material.

10 white materials = 10,000 gold.
3 blue materials = 10,000 gold.
1 yellow material = 10,000 gold.

Now, let’s imagine that I want to sell enough of my white / blue / yellow materials so that I get them all down to 100,000 of each mat. That means I’d be selling…

492,820 Reusable Parts
492,602 Arcane Dust
491,757 Veiled Crystals

Selling those to vendors would gain…
( 492,820 / 10 ) * 10,000 = 492,820,000 gold
( 492,602 / 3 ) * 10,000 = 1,642,006,667 gold
( 491,757 / 1 ) * 10,000 = 4,917,570,000 gold

That’s a total of 7,052,396,667 gold, i.e. just over 7 billion gold.

A few days ago, I made use of around 15 puzzle rings, only one of which was ancient, to run some Vaults for gold / gems. Those runs gained me around 5 billion gold altogether.

So, selling years worth of basic mats would get me the same amount of gold that I could easily obtain by running maybe 20 puzzle rings, that would take me around an hour.

It’s not a good exchange.


What are you using the gold for then if it feels like you would rather have it than materials?

Like Meteorblade said, if gold is running out because of lets say constant GR empowering, do T16’s with Boon of the Hoarder. Even without it. Then don’t see it as a junk pile and upgrade items.

In other words, those materials can improve your gear, and selling it for gold is a very inefficient way to get gold.

The point of selling materials is not to get a lot of gold. It is to get rid of a surplus for a bit of gold. At some point I realise that I will never need more then a fraction of that material. That is what I am after. I know that I can easily gain gold by using a hoarder gem.

The hoarder gem may also be unavalible. You need to get that right goblin. Each season and it may take a while.

But at beginning of season you have no surplus of materials to sell…

Items sell for between 5000-8000 gold each. So, at an average of 6500 gold per item, and an inventory holding 30 2-square items, that’s 30 * 6500K = 195000 gold. Even without a Boon of the Hoarder, just running a Nephalem Rift will earn you more gold than that, because it would gain you millions.

Selling crafting materials to a vendor is a terrible way to obtain gold.


Ok, primal gives more than 15 souls which is basically what I have asked before in my own post.

I also agree with reforge should give you back the same status but with random stat. Obviously you found Primal or Ancient item and then when you reforge it the current status has gone and downgrade to just regular legendary. WTF. It’s like when you own a Ferrari, you went to service and the dealer say “Oh I am sorry, we have lost your Ferrari and take our Fiat instead”. It seriously make you p*** off. Blizzard can decide the suitable cost (gold, bounties, mats, DB etc) for this to happen.

Also I have mentioned this idea of pet collecting other stuff but maybe not everything like keystones as well. Otherwise you have nothing left to click or make decision for yourself. The rest I have no clue what people are talking about. You can look at my own post and see for yourself.

OK so your idea is that you know it isn’t the way to get gold but you feel you might as well sell something you are not going to use even though it gives insignificant amounts of gold since it is more than nothing?

Not saying there is anything wrong with that, just want to make sure I get what you are saying.

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Make item changes retroactive pls. For that I ve been asking a long time. I know it is not always that simple, for example this season we got the holy point shot quiver buffed and they added a multiplier so it not going to work in that case cause if you take all the legendary and ancients hpshots in the game you don’t know what multiplier you will give. But for some other items it is really simple. Or make something like this: if an item has a multiplier with a range 50% - 100% and you rework it to 100% - 200% then if you have a 99% multiplier it should get doubled too to 198%. It’s tedious to farm a good item for months and then render it obsolete just like that.