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you don’t get it, do you? S6 impale LACKS the toughness of Vyr’s archon. There’s no way you can just stand there. Vault helps mitigate the lack of toughness with the build.

Vry’s archon needed a nerf. And it got it. Stop crying about it and learn to deal with it and playing against other char builds on a level playing field.

With a monk it is not so hard. A DH should not even play 125+ without being able to stand in the centre together with the wizard/s. I have solid 93.49% armour with war cry.

try it solo…go on…

Actually it is you that: “does not get it” you take away Vyr’s attack speed & ergo toughness so let handicap all the characters starting with the demon hunter I want to see that wretched character legs broken so it can no longer vault & has to stand there & fire & die A LOT for only then will demon hunter players experience the dismay that Vyr’s players are currently subject to! This is the right & just thing to do!

Oh and you are a troll yes!

Every build should be able to have a valid place in the meta. Noticed how devs have failed to do anything to change the 17 season long trend of support monk & barbarian & the 14 season trend of 1 boss killer & one mob killer. Only by changing the item passives and additional skills or adding toughness can you change this. Game is failing when devs overlook this and instead nerf Vyr’s! I hope they buff Vyr’s and BAN MACROS asap at least prior to S19 starting. Just look forward to the announcement!

META = Most Effective Tactic Available

There are seven classes.
There are a maximum of four players in a group.
Therefore, at least three classes will always be excluded from the META.

The composition of the META may change (remember when Star Pact Wizard replaced all the Firebats WDs) but there’s only ever one META because every other composition is inferior to the META.


Exactly my point ALL classes should have a build that makes them on par with all other classes for META ergo with this diversity the game will be more fluid & interesting opposed to having to focus on 1 of the 4 META characters it would not matter as ALL characters have at least one build that does same damage or heals or buffs just as much as another.

Equality in society should start right here & now in D3 Blizzard games lol!

You’re missing the point.

No matter how similar each class was to each other, no matter how slight an advantage one class/build had over another, the META would always include the combination that was the four best.

It’s in the definition. META = Most Effective Tactic Available. Anything that’s less effective, no matter how slight that difference is, is not the META. If one class is as little as 1% better than another, that’s the one that’s going to be in the META.

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Simple spot on Blade

Whilst I agree with your definition, I think it makes the game a very badly designed game.

15% dmg reduce all cooldown for teleport and there u have it. Meta today is restricted to 4 characthers and with this new patch it will be harder but much more balanced among all classes. I for myself are being tired to see the girl wizard in every game.

In solo vault is needed (FOR IMPALER, but the numbers of it reduced heavily with Boar Companion) (RAPID FIRE BUILD HAS NO VAULT) but then again many DH dont climb up from level 115. Look on how far the 1000th last played wizard has for grift and the lowest among 1000 DHs and its grift. It is actually faster to nerf the wizard than making 800 DHs push to the same level.

And yes! you are the wanker. MBN to stand up while I am blowing holes in your arguments all time.

True but then again all classes can be included for the 3 player party that is looking for a fourth player ASAP and then go META for that group.

I do NOT miss your point bub! It is YOU that miss my point bub! So I shall reiterate: every class should have a build that can be used in the meta as BK; mob, def or heal, & it must be equal to all other builds of that type e.g. BK, so that not one build can out perform another. Then you would have true diversity.

Now what I really know would create instant diversity is opening up the cube so that you can equip more than one item from each column e.g. 4 pieces of jewellery etc. This new feature should be enabled initially through the season journey. Also we need to keep up with the build power creep & demand new grift levels opposed to cap at 150!!!

Passes little Sodril a tissue so that she can dry her eyes from all the weeping she has been doing lately :smile:

So u want to buff all classes to be equal to todays vyr wizard? Talk about being naive… And 4 pieces of jewelry for example then I choose heal from arcane, poison, fire and ice as DH so I can tank all shit that is coming at me probably even killing the game.

uranuz hertz

Your damage would be limited if you were to do that lad please do think a little more prior to posting lad eh :wink:

Peace & Love!