PTR - is this o joke?!

Taking about 5mins to get to game - after that +1400ms latency. Cant try or dont want to try. That 486-pentium are not enuff to run server for thousends of users.

I know I will get kicked out of forums - again - Last time was for game and controls and what was prior, graphics or controls. I go booted…

About 3 hours ago…

10/9 Update | To keep everyone in the loop here’s what we’re working on:

  • Shadow Clones Buff Turned off (temp): We’re in the process of turning off the seasonal buff for Shadow Clones buff to prepare for the Hotfix launch. We’re sharing this to alleviate any alarm for the Shadow Clones not spawning at the moment.
  • Hotfix Implementation: The planned hotfix will be implemented to address server lag, error code issues, and crashes due to Necromancer Skill Bone Spirit.

*Note: Once the Hotfix has been implemented, the Shadow Clones will be activated for use.

About 2 hours ago…

Hotfix is live now - thanks for your patience.