Purple GR discs and ancients v normal legendaries

I wish they’d make it so the pet (if you have one) collects them.

also, some ancients roll with totally inferior stats to normal legendaries. Example: Travellers Pledge ancient with 52% crit damage and 8.5% ctit chance, YET on re-forging, it became normal - non ancient - with 100% crit damage and 9.5% chance.

Why not let normal items roll with between 50 and 70% crit damage and 8-9% chance and ancients roll with 70-100% Crit damage 9-10 crit chance?

The devs could review every itemised legendary - weapons, etc with this algorithm

I get your point but, at least to casual players, it’s very nice that you can be happy with a normal legendary item with good stats and not feel compelled to farm for ancient versions of every piece of gear.