Questions about the nerfed witch doctor


With the incoming nerf to wd barrage you lose the synergy of mask of jeram and enforcer. Are there any viable replacements? I was thinking about Aquila in the cube since I usually can keep my mana full. Other than that what ore other good choices? Maybe frostburns?

Also the enforcer has to go and I don’t think that pain enhancer will be working on the new build since attack speed increases the sheet damage therefore the damage of the pets and now we will have no pets. Do you think it’s viable to replace it with a defensive gem?

Unfortunately there is no room for voo’s juicer. At least there is no way I am gonna get rid of the barber or the sacred harvester, so I was thinking it would be possible to get the life on hit rune on the spirit barrage instead of Manitou and go for a very tanky build.

Any thought?

Use “Zei’s Stone of Vengeance”. It works fine.

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