Re-release of past pets

Please re-release the Emerald Dragon and the Frost Hound I was very sick and was Hospitalized when those two pets were released Please find a way to either re-release them for the season or add for an extra pe. Is there a way you could re-release the past blizzcon pets for say a set fee. I am sure those that missed the past blizzcon pets wouldn’t mind paying the fee to get them. Thank you…


Assuming Blizzard continues with the recycling of past seasonal cosmetics, the Emerald Dragon will come back in Season 23 (the Emerald Dragon was one of the cosmetic rewards in Season 11).

As far as the Frost Hound is concerned (the cosmetic reward in Season 4), this has been requested previously – as far back as in Aug 2019… no response from Blizzard.

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Yeah I really want what that epic looking bat pet of season 20. But as I’m disabled with bad hand control I can only solo season chapters 1-5 every season so I missed out on that awesome bat pet… For me I rarely find pets as my gameplay is far slower than most so in the past when pets used to drop on completion of season chapter 4 I thought finally a game I can 75% play :smile: but then on season 20 blizzard annoyingly changed the season pet drop rules to the achievements i will never be able to do myself.

Blizzard can you also re-release season 20 bat pet to drop at season chapter 4 or I really don’t mind buying it with real money, but I’d personally prefer it dropped from doing chapter 4

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