Restacking season buff

so how does it work?

i have 600 stacks … go to town, lose stack … go back to fight and i start from 600 … i dont get it.

If you don’t keep it up it’ll fall off… after not hitting or killing monsters for a few seconds (3 or 5 seconds… haven’t really counted). It can be a benefit to have the buff reset so that you can aim for special effects when blasting bigger groups of enemies or the rift guardian. You don’t have to go to town of course the easiest way to have it fall of is when going from one map to another or if you have a map with low density. Bear in mind, though, that your follower’s attacks will also keep up the buff - which can be annoying at times.

you didnt get my question at all man … read properly and think before you answer

Tough guy, huh? Maybe you should think before you write.

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if you play in group, that may be the reason

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even if, that still doesnt explain a single thing … but i am solo