Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Now Live!

Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Now Live!

Season 23 will begin on April 2! Read on to learn more about the Follower system revamp, leaderboard changes, and Legendary item changes in Patch 2.7.0!

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The blog says…

Season 23 will begin on April 2, at 5PM (PDT/CET/KST) shortly after our next Diablo III update.

At 01:00 UTC on Sunday, 28th March, Europe will begin to observe Daylight Savings Time.

  • The UK will move from UTC to BST (British Summer Time).
  • Europe will move from CET (Central European Time to CEST (Central European Summer Time).

The intention is for seasons to start at 17:00 in the time-zone that the servers are hosted in.
For Europe, on 2nd April, this needs to be 17:00 CEST, not 17:00 CET.

What you’ve announced is this…

16:00 17:00 17:00 18:00

What it needs to be is this…

15:00 16:00 16:00 17:00

Please don’t start Season 23 an hour late in Europe by starting it at 17:00 CET (18:00 CEST).

—===[ EDIT ]===—

Got a response from the US Community Manager…


Am I wrong if it looks like the changes to the followers is a season thing only?

Yes. :wink:

Read on to learn more about the Follower system revamp, leaderboard changes, and Legendary item changes coming in Patch 2.7.0

Patch 2.7.0 has to be applied after Season 22 ends on March 28th and before Season 23 starts on April 2nd. As non-emergency patches are applied on Tuesdays, this means Patch 2.7.0 will be applied on March 30th.

As soon as 2.7.0 is live, you’ll be able to play with the updated followers on your non-seasonal heroes. The follower changes were always going to be for both seasonal and non-seasonal heroes, and are a permanent change to the game, i.e. not something that’s going away after the season. They are not the theme. S23 does not have a theme.


just saw the patch notes and im very dissapointed.
if you loose to much money from exp meta not being necro, then pls buff the rathma set so we can run exp runs with that. im so tired of classic rat runs with lod mages!
i was really looking forward to playing wizard runs but you nerfed it to the ground…
now no seasonal effect, same 4m meta, same exp meta.
there is nothing to look forward to.
not sure i will even play anymore.


I think we all expected Firebirds to be nerfed but reducing the damage output by 90%?
Why spend all the time reworking Firebird/Rathma only to have them not even be a viable build for the season?
Was hoping to play something fresh and fun that shakes up the meta a little bit but at this point I have no desire to log on.


Sure, I get it. I just think it’s wrong to label it as a “season theme”.

So did I…

16 days ago…

25 days ago…

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Job well done Blizzard. I’m happy with the follower rework, because i usually play solo. Maybe you should buff the Templar and the Enchantress to the Scoundrel, not nerf it, but it is still okay. Thanks for that slight unnerf for GoD DH, because i have Rapid Fire Natalya, so now i can play DH again with the GoD set, and don’t have to abandon the DH as a playable class. But what on earth are you doing with the firebird, and rathma set? First i was happy to see 2 “new” build that are finally playble. After you completely destroy Necro, make rathma again a weak, and not fun or with a new playstyle build, but i was then, it’s okay, i can still play firebird, but now it’s dead again, but hey, at least we got Twister wizard (or maybe hydra). And NO seasonal theme. So no “new” reworked rathma or firebird build, no seasonal theme, only the followers. With that season start date i can’t play the season, but i’m so diasappointed i will not even going to feel sorry.

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Please in the name of Diablo himself give us an actual season theme even if you have to reuse an old one just dont do nothing…

Necro is in a very good spot regardless of what they do to rathmas. ( Bone spear, mages, corpse explosion, poison scythe). As for the firebird, yeah I agree, feels really bad. And wizard was kind of desperate for an S - tier build now that the 4th cube is removed.

I was hyped to see my fav classic wizard finally get an S tier build. And even more excited i could actually use that wiz, instead of in essence being forced to start yet another season on a necro.
I was expecting, even hoping for a nerf to FB, since it was clearly over performing, but 90%?
It was not THAT good.
I Mean i dont even know if i want to play this season, i almost never play solo, so theres basicly nothing new in this season at all, except every build is worse and more clunky than the last without the extra cubeslot.
I Hope to god, you make some final change.


can you please leave the Rathma Set as it was? srsly you have made it worse … if anyone will play Ratham in this current version it will be strictly for the leaderboards … no way anyone enjoys this playstyle … Necro is the only class in game that does not have a simple build … and now you just added an extremly clunky one … Barb hast Wastes, DH has Gears of Dreadland, Doctor has Mundunugu, Wizz has Explosion blast, Crusader has Akan Condemn … with necro, you are 1shoted by everything in the game, no easy chill build you really have a chance here Blizz to make a true army of the dead build stile true summoner like in D2 Revive + Skeletons and all you need to do as necro is run arround beautyfull finaly a easy build for necro … one word for these patch notest … DISAPPOINTING … it started so Extraordinary … and now its just useless ... for the Rathma Shield it was simple to turn it into a form of Band of might, Elusive ring, Halo of karini ... and you removed the squirt from the Equation ... and then just a little nerf to the damage the way the set was initially done was great... now all I see when I see Rathma set is forgotten souls ....Completly USELESS ... too bad a whole team has actualy worked on nothing it feels like no-one from Blizzard has watched a single video these 2 weeks since PTR ended :( m like EVERY SINGLE STREAMER said that Rathma should recieva buff to get back in line ... even the Rathma from before with a 10-15k dmg and 75% damage reduction and that would have been better than this ... whatever you call this ... because you have litteraly paid people to do nothing and i can guarantee its not the people it`s one guy here that Totaly ignorred the comunity … Rathma now feels wors than before … so nobody will play it in the current form … as a Necro I can guarantee that

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Still no mention of a fix for the soundbug, does Blizzard expect us to play another season with no sound, 12 months and NO fix, Poor performance from Blizzard

Can u implement this season FOR example there to be an option SOLO SEASONAL / and we would have solo seasonal leaderboards. For example, i want to play solo alot but if i want to push leaderboards i am forced to play IN grp for paragon. This looks like rly fun solo season to play but we CANNOT do that in order to be on top of the leaderboards

I dont think they will do it because they would have to make a single player mode in the game

Why Blizz?? why?? finally was hoping to play the Wiz… .and now ? whyyyyyyyyyyyy, please change it again before season 23 go live please!


if i may suggest … why not make all builds/sets perform almost the same as each other … like there wouldn’t be a dividing between sets and builds in tiers , like this build could be tier C and other is tier S and that build is bad so it’s tier F and so on etc… why not make all of them balanced and high performing , and let players just pick their own style and reach the top with it , and it’d depend only on how you’ve made your build or how you play it , the level of gems , grades “ancient/primal” , attributes and skills and runes … i can see this would be much more fair and more open for players to do what they feel like it.

This is from FilthieRich (CM on US forum):
“We wanted to share that we’re listening in on the feedback regarding the Firebird’s Finery set, and investigating opportunities to update some of the changes (nerfs) recently posted in the preview blog. We’re hoping to get this working soon and will update the thread and blog along with any developer notes we can share to keep you all in the loop. Appreciate the patience and we’ll have more to share.”

lol dont hold your breath bliz say and do are 2 hugely different things least they saved me the time of installing the game was gona come back after a long brake as firebird looked fun rip that idea