Season 28 will be last?

Do you know if season 28 will be last before Diablo IV is coming?

I am not sure if Blizzard has said anything about this, but if they have I am sure someone will link.

I also assume that a season 29 would depend on how many players remain in D3 once D4 is released. If there is demand, there will likely be more seasons - we will have to wait until D4 is released to see.

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Well, Season 27 lasted around six months, and the previous 3 or 4 seasons have been around four months long. So, assuming that Season 28 lasts at least four months, that would take it to the end of June, and Diablo IV is due to release on 6th June. So, if there’s a Season 29, it’s going to happen after Diablo IV is out.


I think you mean if season 28 will be the last season (ever). We don’t know what the plans are for D3 and the future of seasons.
I can’t imagine that the altar, the season 28 theme, will disappear when season 28 ends. There are too many built in quality of life benefits, asked for in many years, built into it to have it disappear again.
No matter what it’ll be a great idea to play season 28 and enjoy it to the fullest.

I usually enjoy the D3 seasons, some more than others, but this one must actually be the worst one I’ve ever played

For players having bad luck/bad RNG I can understand that.

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Upgraded Primals- Ethereal weapons iirc. Gone once Season closed. The auras added, gone after season close now reinstated only in Altar. So no, so far the trend has been season ends then so to does that feature.

Personally if this genuinely is the end, I think they should give every gift and season item to our non-seasonal characters so D3 has a fond farewell


The Altar is quite different from other, and previous, season themes. There are a lot of quality of life changes - based on suggestions, asked for by the developers, and provided from users and from members of the maxroll team. So I don’t expect it to completely disappear… we’ll have to wait and see anyway. Also expect season 28 to be quite long.


Probably just get a seasonal rotation. Perhaps every 6 months.

What may be interesting (or detrimental) would be cross game rewards for participating in D3 seasons that are rewarded in D4. Think D3 specific cosmetics specifically. Doubt they would want to draw players out of D4 however.

they could just keep repeating them if, they dont want to spend resources on making new content… or at least had some of the older seasonal content to normal non season side… having the altar on normal would b cool, per example…

They could also potentially combine 2 seasons into 1. For example, giving both ring of royal grandeur and legacy of dreams (seasons 16 &17) at the same time. They both benefit different builds, sets and non - sets respectively. So nothing overpowered or crazy.