Seasonal themes

Hey folks regarding the seasonal themes: I have found that whenever there is a proc on hit that returns increasing gameplay advantage as the hit counter goes up: this is made null and void by a ridiculously short timer like the one used in S19 which is a paltry 10s, this is insufficient an amount of time due to the consistent server issues, and varied spawn density on the maps. It is not unusual to travel for 10s without coming across a single spawn: ergo I propose a higher minimum for countdown timers for all future themes of 60s. Now this is not set in stone and is open to change e.g. 120s :::)).

Let me know your honest thoughts please.

Peace & Love.

Why don’t you suggest that pylons last for 15 minutes? That would ease the gameplay further.

yeah, but you’d need to find a pylon… just gain a random pylon buff for 15 mins when entering new GR level!!.. no one needs to go lower than 4 GR levels right?

I found the 10s okay, I haven’t hit the 1000 streak yet, but then I don’t have a speed build to allow me to zip across the map… also I tend to play on higher torments than efficiency dictates.