Seasons, rewards ideas and themes

Would like wings of mastery next season. It can be red to not conflict with set dungeons rewards, but the steampunk dragon style wings.
Also the Wings of Kokabiel.

The transmog set should not be considered a reward anymore. Unless you make new ones.
Pets, frame, banner, wings, stash space.
4 seasons a year, Diablo 4 being made. There is not that much time for rewards to be rewarded.
Maybe around 12 seasons left before Diablo 4. Season 33?
There are so many cosmetics to reward seasonal players with.

For themes you could open up passive skill slots, make it 5 for a season. (hellfire)
You could also make bounty materials drop from monsters for a season.
What about wearing two amulets? Can you do that?
What about season of the follower? All followers follow. (Asheara’s set) Then also buff Arcstone.

Let me just finish off by saying that to play for leader boards and paragon when you know people cheat is exhausting and boring.
There is no ways I have the time to play 24 hours a day for 4000+ paragon to compete.
If seasons limited paragon to 1500 it would be fine. The non season side can be unlimited paragon.
I can’t see the benefit of having unlimited paragon, leader boards, and cheaters.
A limited paragon on season at least limits the cheaters and keeps the competition balanced. It may not make sense to limit it, but with two sides of the game while seasons is a limited time frame, it does make sense to limit the paragon for seasons.
Play with 10 000+ paragon in non season.

I have a basic idea for a season theme: Season of gems. Once you achieve a certain level, you can put legendary gems (Stricken , Taeguk etc) in the chest slots.

So, huge power creep basically.

Every monster is replaced with blue goblins


I like the idea of a follower buff in the future. Something to make them a true extension of your build. But I don’t think that it is ever going to be a main seasonal theme, as it leaves group play out of that. But I love the idea of that. Maybe they could introduce support items for zdps builds that can also be equiped by followers so everyone is happy.

Maybe they don’t need to make gimmicky themes like the current one and instead focus on one set every season for each class. That’s 7 sets in total. It doesn’t seem that hard to do. I am talking about forgotten, off meta sets, currently weak, that can be brought to light again. Not necessarily something that will be op or break the game. And as a little bonus they could give us something really simple. Stone of Jordan theme, COE theme, RoRG theme, Flavor of Time theme …

Honestly, the season theme i would be most interested in would be a non-set season


You don’t need a season theme for that. There is nothing to change unless you expect devs to remove all set items for a season. Makes no sense. What set is the season going to give as a reward? Nothing. So it’s not really a season.

The seasonal set should be a start set in my opion. Once you have it you climb the G rifts and get other gear that may, or may not replace it. Space to Store set items are a problem thou since you do not know what will drop and you better keep building several sets until you can activate a good one. Maybe let each set come with their own “Set Item Bag” that contain space for all the items for one set at the price of a chestpiece in space. The bag should of course only allow for one piece each so if you have two shoulders only one can go into the bag.

[quote=“BlitzedKreig-2233, post:7, topic:2147, full:true”]What set is the season going to give as a reward? Nothing. So it’s not really a season.

What about each class receives a certain legendary with each journey progression like they would receive two pieces of a certain set? Or maybe even two legendaries? And of course the LoN gem right from the start and not after 2nd GR. Maybe at a certain level and not 1.

That would leave you with 6 legendaries and the gem, when you would have a 6 piece set?