Servers crashing


I just don’t understand why you run a game mode that you are not able to support. your servers are crashing, hc characters are dying. network disconnect, error message. reconnect -> dead character. ofc no issues with the connection on my side. Did you really not sort this out since diablo 2? This is really disappointing. You also don’t put effort in that retrospectively either, its nearly impossible to open a ticket. you don’t put the necessary resource to support this game and this community. i just can’t believe you are making money with such a performance.


Just lost my HC Crusader now like that… Server lag, error… Returned… Dead! :frowning:

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super annoying isn’t it ? actually all my friends were knocked down from the servers, so this is definitely server issue. Why the hell is this not possible to warn you in-game in advance, so that you are able to close down your games prior to that.

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3 out of 4 died in our group. Was on speak in bnet launcher and that crashed aswell


Oh good, it’s not just me then. I was starting to worry it was my computer that was the cause of all Network disconnections. Super annoying to not being able to complete adventure mode since it keeps resetting after each disconnect.

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It could be… are you disconnecting often ? if you are, your issue could be totally different than that of the players above.

Disconnects can be a pain to troubleshoot… there is some steps you can try here:

The words in blue are links to additional information you may find useful… go through all the steps, including those under “Advanced Troubleshooting”.

If the issue is still present after going through the troubleshooting, you should create your own topic in the Technical Support forum. Include the information requested here:

Alternatively, you may contact Blizzard Support directly here:
and click the Contact Us button towards the bottom of the form. Provide the information requested in the new window that will appear and click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

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my game crashed a few min ago error 1016 after that 7min log in queue. lucky for me i was playing sc with your shitty ass bugged game

it has nothing to do with the player’s end… its merely not providing sufficient capacity from the server side. I am again queued up with login at this very moment. ppl are back from school and work and it’s impossible to have continuous game flow. I know it’s again PTR time, however this whole issue really discourages me to continue spending my time with this. it would not be that much annoying if it’s not HC. the support of this game mode either should be stopped or more resources needs to be allocated.

PTR server is located in US and definitely unrelated to EU realm.

There was an login problem earlier (fixed).
Then, there was a maintenance earlier (already completed).
Not sure if these instances related to your problem.

However, there is another authentication issue now. Blizzard is investigating the issue. You can refer to blizzard’s twitter for the status:

Edit: the authenation issue has been resolved:

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Thanks for the update.

I don’t know if any of the above disconnects you from the server, however whatever it causes it willingly I should be able to get informed even in-game, otherwise I am just killing my time. (characters)

The only maintenance i know about is due on Friday. if there is any unexpected need for server shut down, ppl should be informed, so that they can close their rifts and do whatever is needed in order to prevent their characters dying.

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For scheduled maintenance, there are 30(?) minutes countdown messages showed on the chat window, but really difficult to spot. Also, there are notification on the launcher and D3 loading screen. (Though sometimes they might forget to put up the notification. :slight_smile: )

For server crash or network disconnection, there won’t be any advance notice, of course.

Edit: I don’t know whether the maintenance earlier affects D3; that’s why I said “Not sure”. But the coming maintenance will.

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Same shit happens 1 min ago. server lagg. 2nd death. guys WTF… stop making games. better to delete this game…

You could play softcore. End of worries.

@Boubou - this comes at YOU!! GO AND STICK YOUR HAND TO YOUR A***… Dont ever comment on blizzard server problems, you have no brains to do it…

Now - so sorry for all other and for community… this just had to be said

If the problem was actually the server(s), every single player would be having problems at the exact same time. As they don’t, the problem is likely to be your local computer, your ISP, or any of the intermediate network hops between your ISP and Blizzard’s servers.

Imagine you’re at home and need to drive to a destination 100 miles away. I’m also at home and need to drive to the same place. You get stuck in a traffic jam but I take a different route and get there just fine. Clearly, the destination wasn’t the problem, it was the route you took to it. This is an analogy of the most likely reason your traffic had a blip when everyone else’s didn’t.

Anyway this is reoccurring issue that can be tackled by the developer. This is not impossible to monitor the communication between the server and the client. Bits can be sent there and back in mil seconds. if this reaches a certain level of irregularity lets say no answer for 1 second before death. game needs closing character needs to be loaded from back up. end of story.

when you are unable to take any action during game for like 5-8 seconds on gr 105-110 you have not much chance.

why would I continue with SC? I am completely ready to play HC, I have not done 1 mistake so far. Nevertheless the design, firmware and the infrastructure do not support the game mode.

whoever says the servers work all the time perfectly is not right.

I am gonna kick off with a new character once again. with over 1200 para it will be very easy to get to GR 110 again. I want to get on the LB before end of season, because this has been a goal for the last 2-3 weeks, and i am not a kind of person who gives up for such hick ups.

to close this post and sum it all up I don’t recommend playing this game mode at all because i don’t see enough effort put in sorting out the issue discussed above. for me the whole thing looks to be a matter that should have been addressed back in Beta, not 10 years after the first release.

Hope that this statement does not disturb any of you, and we can agree that in order to make HC more popular in future Games the background needs to be improved.

stop protecting those screw ups. i play more games then just d3. only d3 is the game that always has disconnects. if it was on my end i would be disconnecting with the other games too.

Once again, we all have the same destination, i.e. Blizzard’s servers, but the route our traffic takes to get there and back is completely different. If the destination server and/or network node was the problem, every single player would have problems. They don’t. I literally can’t remember the last time I had a disconnect whilst playing D3. The most likely cause for any interruption of service is an intermediate node, not the destination node.

Just take a look in the Tech Support forum. Whenever people actually bother to do network traces, PATHPINGs and the Looking Glass Tool, what we generally see is packet loss in the early hops (the player’s PC or their ISP) or an intermediary network hop.

I won’t defend screw-ups, but I also won’t blame Blizzard for network nodes that are outside of their responsibility and purview.