Socketed gems doesn't show on follower equip tooltips

I equipped my follower with a weapon socketed with a ruby. In the tooltip it said it is lower in DPS, but when I equip, the DPS is higher. I think the tooltip doesn’t count the gem.
Could you fix it?

First, this is not a technical issue and won’t be handled by technical support. You should report it on Bug Report forum:

Second, this is a known fact and has been reported many times. I don’t think Blizzard will fix it because it is not a game breaking issue. Equip the items to get a more precise sheet values.

Third, the DPS followers are negligible. No one cares about their DPS at all. We only use their special abilities.

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If you want to compare items without considering socketed gems and/or Caldesann’s Despair applied to them, hold down Shift whilst hovering the mouse over the item to be compared.