Success Idea for Diablo 4

Hi guys!

Many years ago I have send an email to Blizzard telling them the idea for the story of Diablo III. I have seen great parts of the story being introduced in Diablo III. From an account which I dont have access to, anymore.

What I have analysed regarding human behaviour and psychology tells me that Diablo 4 needs 3 important things to become Legendary.

  1. Drop rates and all the good items and runes to be so hard to find that you have to spend months to find one or two. This keeps the people entertained, they will never give up. They will build an addiction to the game and will worth dedicating all their time. If the monsters are easy to kill, items are found fast, then what is the point of waiting so many years for just a few months of playing. Please make it very difficult. No need even for new patches with new things introduced if you make the drop rate very low and hard to level up and super hard to defeat bosses.
    Human beings never like it when they get something easy. They do not value it. They always want something else after having it. Ask psychologists.

  2. Would be nice to have more feelings while playing it. Excitement of finding something amazing appears with my previous point. But would be more fun to be a little bit scarry sometimes. The design of the monsters/songs/cinematics. If you can design the game in such a way. Would become a huge event on the planet.

  3. My personal preference. I would like to not have the season restarted so fast. Let me struggle a lot to find things and then let me enjoy the glory more with new commers. If everyone has every item and rune and built easy then the game will be just at its 10% success.

Please give me yoir feedback regarding what I have posted. I wander what you guys think about it.


Your first point shouldn’t be to hard because ppl dont like to grind days after days for something , easy isn’t good too.
Further on i would like to go on with the story where you end in diablo 3 Tyrael asks after you end the campain …he/she’s a mortal would he/she have the strength to resist corruption or will he/she be our doom , it would be great when you go further from that point with the choise to be corrupted or not … anyways something like that .

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I agree. The year is not 1999 and there is plenty of games, that will give you 100% fun for your time. What you are suggesting is to have 95% boring time and 5% fun. You know the game to actually be fun 100% of the time, not 5% of the time and 95% of the time to be spend in useless, repetitive and boring grind.

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To David Kim. I’m absolutely praying for Necromancer in Diablo 4… I love Necro in Diablo 3 I’ve tried the other classes and they’re not not me so I only play Necromancer. Please I’m begging you bring Necromancer to Diablo 4