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Please no, not again…

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Dear Blizzard,

First i want to state that English is not my Native language i live in the Netherlands thus my apologies for my bad grammar.

I play at the moment a WitchDoctor with the set Spirit of Arachyr and use the Skill Firebats with the rune Cloud of Bats. It is quite fun to play but it takes a long time to set it up for high damage. Casting Haunt then Piranhas running up close to get my Locust swarm to hit and wait for the skill to spread around enough targets then run in even closer to get Firebats with the rune Cloud of Bats to hit them takes a while compared to other heroes.

My suggestion: Is it a possibility to have Firebats with the rune Cloud of Bats benefit from the stat Gold and Health pick up? This way i can also use my offhand Thing of the Deep or roll the stat Gold and Health pick up on my gear assuming i got all other stats covered. Now if that skill become a bit bigger and cover a wider area you wont have to run in melee range and still get hit by Monsters that are actually sucked in to my Piranhas skill with rune Piranhado.
(It just beats me how a monster can still hit while it is swirling around in a Piranhado, obviously there is still a chance if that monster is consistent enough.)

Speaking of Piranhado skill it doesnt Vacuum all the mobs especially the hexed one, If i use Hex with the Rune Jinx not every monster that became hexed are sucked in to piranhado.Enchantress skill Mass Control hexed targets do get sucked in. So it is a bit annoying when you have loads of monsters around you and you cast the skill Could of bats and find out that one hexed target by the skill Hex doesnt get hit by my skills because the range of it is really short and i am one of those persons who really wants to finish off all the monsters that i see and not skip them so i end up casting Haunt then Locust swarm then Piranhas just to finish off that one mob cause casting cloud of bats alone isnt enough to get the kill.

The 2 set bonus the Spider Queen im am not to fond of aswell cause im not using the skill Corpse Spider thus im not commanding her. she just runs off to one monster far away from the WitchDoctor and the trail she leaves fades away after 5 seconds while she is standing still i dont have any benefit from the web that does 4000% damage over time.

Maybe let the Spider Queen only pop up if someone uses the Skill Corpse Spider so you can command her. Having her walk next to the Witchdoctor and hit those close enough for a bit more damage when you are not commanding her would work aswell.

Giving the Set an Aura lets say more or less 5yards would benefit more if monsters come towards you and run in to your web and take the 4000% damage over time and get slowed or Spirit walk in and and out to drop the web for that extra bit damage would be more beneficial then sending the Queen. Having the monsters come towards the Witchdoctor and get hit by Cloud of Bats and the web would be more efficient then rather beeing tanked by the queen further away.The aura will compensate the damage loss for not having the queen dealing damage.

Just an idea.

Regards Babyvass

Giving Set's and items an Aura.

Jade Harvester:
Releases Haunt that does base damage not getting benefitted by your stats,
Only when you use Haunt skill everything that is effected by Haunt then gets the benefits from your gear.
Empowering the Haunt that is already cast out by the set.

Should be released around the neck/back area of the hero, Schoots upwards and then goes to the monsters having some sort of rainbow curve effect.

Zunimassa's Haunt:
Spawns one Fetish each 3-5 seconds and have a max amount spawned at a time untill one dies and gets spawned again after 3-5 seconds.

Normal Set releases 1 Haunt or Fetish and keeps spawning more each 3-5 seconds
Ancient Set releases 2 Haunt or Fetish and keeps spawning more each 3-5 seconds
Primal Set releases 3 Haunt of Fetish and keeps spawning more each 3-5 seconds

The numbers here should be seen as an extra on top of the numbers you would allow.

Atkspeed% on gear could lower the time in between spawns/releases till a certain point to speed up the proces. Atkspeed% would be prefered again cause at this time its only Critical Damage and Critical Hit Damage.

The seconds are an example you could lower/raise the base second.Keep in mind atkspeed% is there to lower the seconds in between release/spawn.

Vile Hive:
Spreads around Locust Swarm that does base Damage not getting benefitted by your stats, Only when you use Locust Swarm skill everything that is effected by Locust Swarm then gets the benefits of your stats.
Empowering the Locust Swarm that is already cast out by the offhand.

Wildwood does the same but it is taking 2 slots Mainhand and Offhand , having 2handers beeing equipable as 1hander might help aswell.

Ice Climbers:
Could leave a trail of ice and do Damage plus slow effect like Fire Walkers leave a trail of Fire and dealing Damage.

Kenai's cube:
Adding a Meta Cube and having no restrictions to items will give people diversity of different builds aswell. Meta cube could be equipped with Weapon,Armor or Jewelry.

How they work at this time is good, do Not have Pets pick up anything other then gold.
Vacuum effect when picking up Matherials is good enough.
If you change the way pets work people will ask the pet to pick up loot aswell and while picking things up bring it to the stash.
Please do Not let this happen.

Pick up Radius:
Some skills could get benefitted from and making it a secondary stat that could be prefered over other stats at some point (exp gain,%gold drop).
Pick up Radius at 10-20yards could be maximum for skill benefition/skill growth the rest of Pick up radius shouldnt be effecting the skill or you will end up having a skill covering the whole screen.
For every 2-4 Pick up radius stat you could gain 1-2 yard(s) of skill growth and maximum could be 20yards?.
So 10-15yards of skill growth maximum. Think of any skill that does not cover whole screen for example Strafe/Firebats/Piranha's/Earthquake etc.

I'm not going to cover every set or the items that are in the game but these are some suggestions.

Regards Babyvass

Ramaladni's Gift
Ramaladni's Gift Should be applyable to Jewelry to get a socket.
Jewelry that has a socket already can be rolled to something else.

Remove the chance to roll a Socket on Offhands and have it rather be a stat.
Ramaladni's Gift Could be applied to Offhands aswell to get a socket if needed.

Remove the chance that movement speed rolls on other items and have it only rolled on feet.

Every armor slot has 4 stats rolled apart from chest and pants maybe due to sockets beeing rolled on them but adding one extra stat roll could be an option.
3=Armor/Res All/Life%/Regen Life per second
4=Increases (skill name) damage by 10-15%
1 and 2 rolls always those stats first but could be rerolled to 3 if desired.

Atkspeed could be renamed to Haste and be numbers rather then %.
So 5-10 Haste would be equal to 1% Atkspeed.
On items it shows numbers and character sheet details you get to see the %. or keep it as %

Implement new Stat Speed have this be proccable on any gear at certain percentage of chance making it rare but still abtainable if you play long enough.
Not something to farm but nice to have if you get it rolled on youre item.
Having Speed on item proc like armor only would give you 1% extra movement speed on top of the max 25%.
13 item slots total but have it not proc on weapon offhand or jewelry so you end up having 8% extra speed having 8 slots covered with speed you might get 2% free?.
Maybe have it proc on weapon and offhand aswell ending up having 10% Speed total.
Speed could also give 1% extra Haste and a total of 10% if you are really lucky and make this stat something that separates you from the rest. See it as a long term achievement.
Speed = 1% Haste 1% runspeed both stat in one.
You could achieve a trail as if you were under the effect of a Speed Pylon.
At lower Speed% trail is less visible when compared to achieving max Speed%,
the more Speed% you obtain the trail becomes stronger when it comes to visibility.

Implement a skill that is on 12Hours Cooldown using this will kill every single monster on screen and should not be effecting Elites or Bosses.
It's just something if you pulled loads of monsters and you cant make it alive but you still have to deal with the Elites.
Have this only be usable when playing Solo since in a group this can be abused.

For example:
People looking for others asking is your skill on cooldown?
If No you can come join the group and every single person in that group uses on rotation to clear out a Rift Greater Rift faster.
Think of for some reason you pulled more then you can handle and you dont want to die(Hardcore players will love this).
When used during the run you are in, it will clear the monsters only on your screen ignoring Elites/bosses you still have to deal with them.
Just to be sure that this skill is not beeing abused dont have it effect the run progress bar.
It's just a OWH SNAP!! This wasnt the plan button. Place it above the action bar right above the skull portrait on the experience bar.

Call it Reforge or any name you desire A really rare chance for an item to drop of Riftbosses only that allows you to replace the Legendary passive bonus drops only at Greater rifts 100 or higher same rate or even lower then Primal drop chance.
100 seems high but if some of these changes would make it to the game it wouldnt be that hard to reach Greater rifts above 100 plus it should be really rare but still have a chance.
How this could work:
Place an item that you want to keep but do not want the passive on it on one slot.
The item that you do not want but you want the passive on other slot.
Reforge item/rare item in 3rd slot and hit Replace/Reforge.
You keep the first item with the desired passive consuming the Legendary crafting item and the item thats been put in slot 2.
Greater rift 100 is an example could be lower or be lowered at a later stage.
a New tab should be added to the Mytic.
Should be applyable to set pieces to make it more interesting.
Basicly same way the Kenai's cube work but this time you add passive's to gear.

Not sure how long it will take to get your perfect build apart from playing with sets but having a small chance of obtaining this item and having something that no one has would be a long time investment. Expanding the lifespan of the game.

Diablo for me is a long time game i play often when i come from work.
The way i see it this game is a perfect character building game meaning every time i log in i make progres may it be an item drop or paragon gain it just keep me coming back and trying different builds every season but still ending up playing Multishot build on my Demon Hunter.
Sometimes i play around 1 hour sometimes longer, i log in do 1 Rift grab 1-2 greaterrift keys and run those then stop just to come back after a couple hours and run 2-3 Rifts or do a couple Public bounties then log out.

I got couple of ways of playstyle one beeing smooth runs doing Greater Rifts at a certain difficulty lets say 10 minutes runs i keep running it over and over again the moment i log in so ending up doing 5-6 runs an hour then stop and do same the next time i log in but after a while the same run becomes faster due to character progression and i run the same Greater Rift around 5 minutes or less if this happens i move up to a new greater rift that takes around 10 minutes and rinse and repeat.
The other beeing push runs just to test if im able to run that greater rift faster then last time i did and if this happens i know my character became stronger.

It really doesnt matter what you see as push Rifts when it comes to difficulty it still stay the same. For one person who pushes Greater 100 and other person who pushes 70 within the allowed timer is the same "a push run is a push run".
Not everyone has the luxuary to play the same amount of time then the other, but the stronger you get the higher you can go and still end up clearing any number of Greater Rift with 1-10 seconds remaining.

Regards Babyvass

"Stash auto sort button"
Stash tabs already have icons you can assign to letting you know what kinda items are stored in there.
Having an option per tab to assing only Armor weapon or Jewelry would be nice.
When you use Auto sort every item goes to the designated Tab.
Lock Auto sort per tab would be helpful if you dont want to get anything moved once you sorted that Tab manually. Having a Tab only for Rings/Armor/Weapon and hitting sort would then sort the same item next to each other first in an alphabetic order.

"Transfer button"
When running rifts my inventory gets full fast cause i pick up mostly everything that drops.
Teleporting to town to salvage and put unindentified Legendaries in a empty slot then join the rift as soon as i can then rinse and repeat till im done rifting.
Take a breather moment from killing monster and check my loot if i got anything good.
Adding a Transfer Button that only transfers unidentified Legendaries to a Stash tab that is opened on your screen would speed up the proces rather then clicking items one by one.
If a Legendary is identified if could send the items to its assigned tab if that tab isnt beeing lock for modification.

Pets could walk around town and have some sort of a idle animation rather then having it under a collection tab.
Clicking the pet would equip/unequip/swap it.

Wings Could be Floating at a specific location.
Clicking the wing would Equip/Unequip/Swap it.

Your Collection should only be visible to you only.
Could be visible to people in your party if their are in your friendslist but should have no interaction with these two.

"Trinket Function"
Trinket Function could be added on 1-2minute(s) Cooldown,when pressed you gain 100%-150% more damage done for 10-15seconds.
Could say we got Convention of Elements that does the job and some skills that boost Damage but this time you get to control it when every you want to use it and not wait for the full cycle of Convention of Elements.

Sets could have a slightly different look when full Ancient or Primals parts are obtained so you get a distinguised feel when running around with full Primals.
This effect could be obtianed by simple giving a slight different look on shoulder and head part.
Maybe adding small animation to shoulders at Ancient and have Primal set have Headpiece animation aswell next to having a slight different look.

Maps could get more upgraded feel when you look at the Cemetery of the Forsaken and compare it to Briarthorn Cemetery you get more Upgraded feel.
Add maps similar to Highlands Passage (just before the Cursed Hold).
Some maps covered with Snow/Water but not whole map some areas.
More particles like grass movement could be noticed when run over it but small grass between ankle hight and knee hight not higher, items should be still noticeable.
Add outdoor map covered with Water again not to deep between ankle hight and knee hight.
The corridors could be a bit wider in caves.
Add Castle maps think of the Royal Quarters where Hannes resides feels more upgraded compared to Leoric's Manor.
Some Rifts have this Filter effect it sometimes pops-up the same feels if you were running in Pandemonium Fortress maybe allow some other maps to have that aswell.
Not sure how that will look when you run in a different environment then the map it is allowed to come up.
Gives a bit dream state feel.
Having the filter beeing red could give more nightmarish state when the map has a night setting.(Not so sure)
Maybe test Different Colors but the Oppacity of the filter should be not set that high.

Upgrade game engine? Maybe it already is and im on a low spec PC.

The drop chance of Ancients and Primals could be upped the longer you stay alive for a amount of time.
0.25% 0.50% 1% per 30mins or 1 hour you actually play the game.
This effect stacks up untill you have one dropped then resets to its normal percentage.
Adds small % bonus if you did not die for a long time.
To avoid abuse implement a protection system that checks if you actually play or idle in game.
Think of the "Play of the Game system of Overwatch".
Calculates the action happening in a short amount of time then puts that on screen.
Getting boosted shouldnt count then cause someone is killing and the other is standing still or not using his skills or dying often.
There has to be movement there has to be skill use and there has to be killing or doing stuff, so standing still in town and using skills should not count.
Counter could pauze if someone is not killing anything longer then 1 minute then starts again if he/she does.
Maybe X amount of mobs killed could give a %? Looks far fetched but if this can be done it would be a motivation to actually do something in the game.
Having a Higher chance of the items dropping does not necessarily mean you get the item you are looking for.

"Randomly Generated Numbers"
The difficulty of the game could determine the outcome of the rolls on loot for example:
If a loot shows 500-1500 Weapon Damage or 550-1000 Vit/Dex/Int/Str the min roll on the item in between these numbers could get effected by the difficulty setting.
Rolling a higher number then the Min number shown on the item, this way running a higher Greater Rift could roll numbers in between 1000-1500 and not lower.
Difficulty raises the minimum number or even at much higher difficulty both Min and Max numbers gets raised?.

"New Currency"
New Currency could drop of monster for grabs and can be exchanged at vendor for upgrading the items rolls.
Amount needed for a item needs to be looked at, lets say at 1000 new Curreny shards you get 1 item from a vendor that aplies the effect Add +50.
What this does is if an item rolls 950 Int/Str/Dex and you dont want to reroll the stats over and over again to get that perfect roll you can aply this item to Add +50 more Int/Str/Dex to get 1000 Int/Str/Dex.
Amount of New Currency needed to obtain this item and the +amount should be balanced.
X amount needed to get + added.
Set currency needed high and add item that gives Add 10% for all stats per Armor/Weapon/Jewelry?
Numbers exceeding the max roll on an item such as Primals could be Unlocked at a later stage of the game.
New Item that is obtainable through this New Currency could be added and amount needed to obtain this one should be higher.

"Armory or View Profile"
Armory or View Profile could show only the items equipped Int/Str/Dex and not the rest so you protect your build and stats.
This way everyone has to come up with their own builds and not copy paste.
This could prefent people having same builds and give more room for exploring builds by players just by experimenting.
No one is actually exploring any other builds they just copy from others.
Sharing information of youre current build could be just to your friends.
At its current state people get boosted to max level and after a couple days they call this game boring or the game is dead.
Someone actually puts effort to come up with a build and people only focusing to collect the same item setup.
If people actually tried to find a new build that suits their playstyle they would be playing and not trying to copy others.

"Record Function"
Implement Record Function that records at a good resolution 720P or 1080P for lets say 1-2 minutes and upload to peoples Armory/Profile page. This could improve the community interaction, Views/Upvotes/Likes could determine the top 3-5 builds per Class or set Top 10 builds.
Also allows newly joined people to look up gameplay and get inspired to come up with their own.

Ask the Overwatch Team if they can help you implement such a feature as Play of the Game.
Videos should be accesible through the menu so you can choose which one you want to Save/Delete or upload.

"Mobile App"
Mobile Armory/Profile App could be used to acces this videos.
Mobile App also could allow people to swap around gear or make builds outside of the game to get ready for gaming once they are home after logging in the game the changes could take effect.
This wont be a "Game Changer" however it might keep the interaction going even outside of the game.

"Rejoining" a game in progres.
After a Crash your progres gets deleted think of doing Bounties/Rifts/Greater Rifts and you need to start over.
World of Warcraft while running a dungeon and you get a Disconnect or Crash you can still enter the same Dungeon and keep your progres.
Overwatch has this same option aswell in competitieve mode you can rejoin a game if you are fast enough(sometimes a reboot of your system is needed and you wont make it in time and still get banned).
The same option could be available to Diablo.
Game could keep track of your progres for couple minutes before resetting while in greater rift the timer could keep going on and when you come back to the game you could start from the entrance not guaranteeing you can make it but will lead to less frustration.

"Primal Border Color"
Primals not showing a Red glow around the border after you pick an item for the first time.
If you have an item drop which is Primal you can see its Red beam however after you kill couple Goblins or a Riftboss and Legendary items that are close to each other give a different kinda color beam which is cool.
If you pick all the items up and the item ends up for the first time in your inventory you get a bright color border around the border letting you know that the items are the latest collected ones if the item is Primal you wont get a Red glow around the border which is confusing you need to mouse over items to get rid of the bright colored border after that you can see if its a Primal or not.
Adding a Red bright colored border will let you know that the items you picked up is a Primal. Having the Primal minimap icon override the other Legendary icons on the minimap so its always on top would solve this problem aswell.

Personally i believe this discourages people to even pick up loot from the ground and just focus on Red beams.

"Debuff Icons"
Debuff Icons above healthbars would be helpful to keep track of if monsters are Dotted up or needs to be refreshed.
An Icon with numbers would do the job and adding a depleting effect from above to bottom would indicate its running out.
Think of an hourglas depleting but the effect is applied to the number 1 2 3 depending on how manny Dots are up.
Debuff icon --> 1 2
Health bar --> ------------
Numbers could be replaced by Icons depending on what Damage type you are using like in Convention of Elements Icons that are visible on the tooltip.
Adding an option to Enable/Disable this function would be adviced so not every person feels forced to use it if they do not want to.

"Locust Swarm"
Locust Swarm spread animation takes a while to spread and if the target dies to fast before the spread the skills cast after arent getting benefitted by the Damage boost you would normaly get (Enemies effected by Locust Swarm/Haunt take Plus % Damage).
Currently you cast it wait a second to have the target beeing effected by the skill then an other second passes then it starts spreading.

Haunt spreads around if the targeted monster is killed, Locust Swarm could have this option aswell if any new monster comes in range they could get effected and after the spread the timer could reset.

Firebats Rune Direbats feels like its not hitting the monster when you are really close to it, the cast animation of Direbats is first downwards then flying Right/Left or Left/Right.
The moment it gets cast out and they go downwards seems they dont hit.
Feels like there is a area where no Damage ( "DeadSpace" is done.
Internal testing on standing still target is adviced to confirm this.

"Locust Swarm"
Locust Swarm the Spread color while having Vile Hive equipped doesnt correspond the initial cast color.
Pestilence and Diseased Swarm Poison Damage type Initial color Green Spead is Green.
Devouring Swarm Cold Damage type Initial color is Blue while Vile Hive Equipped the spread color is Green. Cloud of Insect Physical Damage type Initial color is Yellow while Vile Hive is equipped the spread color is Green.

Devouring Swarm initial cast cost 300 mana the 25 mana per second gain over 8 seconds after the 2nd cast refunds 200 mana.
Any cast after the first one is 200 mana gain and 100 mana loss.
This seems to be ment for fights that take longer duration.
In short fights you end up recasting on targets while moving so you lose more then you gain.
Maybe changing it to "if" a target is already affected by Locust Swarm the cost of the skill is 100 Mana and no mana gain during its duration.
The spread is going one way while you move the other way to pull more packs and Dot them up you find your self in a situation where you have no mana at some point since you need to Dot them all up before you can start damaging them.
The Swarm while its still bussy spreading everything gets Dotted up, however if you pull more mobs with other skills the effected monsters with Locust Swarm does not spread.
a Swarm should spread always to targets that are near to them.

I havent found use to this rune yet and to be honest dont see any meanings to use this rune at all.
Upping the Timer to 12 seconds or more would be maybe beneficial for keeping the targets Dotted up longer so you can use other skills to do more Damage on monsters since Ring of Emptiness and Bakuli Jungle Wraps both benefit from targets affected by Locust Swarm.
Adding a small Damage gain next to mana gain would maybe make this Rune more prefferable again.
When the Timer is upped to 12 seconds the mana gain could be lowered to 20 mana per second so it does not exceed the initial cost over time.

Edit: It does help a little bit in a running around Dotting situation just tested it however wouldnt mind this Rune beeing reworked.

Somewhere begin april 2019 the gold drop and pickup sound changed at first i thought this is due to my newly bought Personal Computer because i was playing Diablo on my new system at that time when i noticed it.
I Swapped back to the other system and noticed the same sound again so it wasnt the soundcard effecting it assuming the soundfile for gold drop/pickup got silently pacthed.
I personally prefer the older sound file but its not always about what one person wants.
Adding an option under the Sound setting could give people the choice what sound they prefer and select the one that they want.

Playing on the new system didnt had much effect on the grafic apart from i could run it more smoothly with higher frames at the highest setting the spell/skill effects are cool to see when everything is running at higher frames however the texture on the sets arent up to date even newly added monsters (some are really good looking) have higher detail then The Arachyr Set.
If you look closely Enchantress has more polygon count then The Arahyr Set.
Texture detail should be visible, you can clearly see the armor is of metal and the clothing is from cloth when you look at Enchantress, could do this to every armor part.
When u set Anti-Aliasing from None or Fullscreen to Multisample 8x you receive a little bit more details its more shiny so to speak this change wont do anything good if the texture or armor isnt visible when compared to adding more polygons when creating an object.
Im having hard time finding the correct term to explain it but maybe this will help.
The robe or Web or whatever it is that comes along with The Arachyr Set leg piece isnt setting it self apart from the matherial that is beeing used to craft it compared to the rest which is Carapace look, like Metal and Cloth is cleary noticable on Enchantresses look.
All in all the newly added content is clearly visible that is created new and has higher detail then older created content and that needs te be looked at.
Adding a bit more detail also known as reworking it will do the job.
If you want to stay ahead of the competition recreating it from scratch keeping the same look but grafics overhaul would be advised for longer term lifespan of the game.

Keep the current files as low settings ingame for people who play on low end systems.
Not everyone has the "Luxuary" to buy a new Personal Computer to keep up with the changes that has been made.
If people cant run the game you will lose players.

This is DIABLO please revive it.

"Hidden Achievements":
Adding Achievements that are completely random for people to figure out and get them while playing without having to look up how to obtain them is something fresh.

"Primary Skill"
Witchdoctor Primary Skill's arent generating resources at all when compared with other Classes.
Apart from one.

"Damage Over Time"
Recasting a DoT Skill could add that timer on top of the current time it has left.
Locust Swarm duration 8 seconds if this Skill is recast on a target which is already beeing affected by this skill could add another 8 seconds on top of the timer.
Abuse could be spam Locust Swarm to put the time high enough for someone to not even worry about recasting it again for a while however since the cost of this skill is high one would be Out of Recources fast.
Allow it to stack up to 3 times and it wont exceed the 24 seconds.

"Big Bad Voodoo"
Big Bad Voodoo: This Skill when used with Rain Dance restores Mana by 250 per second could be "Restores Recources" for nearby allies.
Most players have good resource management and building your hero with Resource cost or Cooldown Reduction is one way of playing this game.
Player that are new to Diablo and do not posses the knowledge or have the proper gear setup could make use of this skill when they play together.
This would make the Witchdoctor Class more wanted when it comes to group play.

Allow a Non Seasonal Hero to be rebirthed for going through the content from the start again and trying out new builds while leveling through Story Mode or Adventure Mode.
People could be fully geared if they lowered the level requirement of the gear they already posses through Kanai's Cube (Work of Cathan - Remove Level Requirement) but still gain skill's and passive's while leveling up at a higher Torment setting.
Allow 3 Rebirth's per hero to begin with and refresh the count by 1 per month or 3 months.
Same as season's but you have acces to everything you already collected.
Only difference would be you wont have acces to community buff.

"Hardcore Hero"
The first time you create a "Hero" it could be a Hardcore "Hero" keeping track of everything you achieve during that time untill you die for the first time.
The game just continues like nothing happened but your progression counts towards Normal Mode.
Everytime you use Rebirth you just start as a Hardcore Player.
Boosting shouldnt be allowed during this phase, you can still group up with players within your level range untill you reach max level.
A Hardcore Player could group up with Normal Players but when joining a Public Game system should prioritise players that are still Hardcore Mode and group them up first if possible then rather randomly matchmaking people.
This idea is still work in progress and is going to be expanded.

As said before i pick up everything i see most of the time.
So now and then when i join a Public Rift i lack the speed to catch up with people due to picking up loot and Teleporting to town to salvage the loot and Teleport back to continue the run.
What i see is sometimes people dropping loot to make space for an item that probably dropped for them at that time and leave that behind.
Assuming people also leaving Legendary behind cause they dont need it since after playing Diablo for so long you can tell what item drops and if you need it or not.
Salvaging items could have a slight chance for yielding a Death's Breath at a certain percentage to encourage people to pick up items and not leave them behind.

Here is an idea of percentages:
Items Quality
Common - 10% chance to contain 1 Death's Breath.
Magic - 30% chance to contain 1 Death's Breath at 100% then roll again between the numbers 0 and 1, to get that amount. Total of 2 Death's Breath.
Rare - 60% chance to contain 1 Death's Breath at 100% then roll agian between the numbers 1 and 2, to get that amount extra. Total of 3 Death's Breath.
Legendary - 100% chance to contain 1 Death's Breath at 100% then roll again between the numbers 2 3 and 4 to get that amount extra. Total of 5 Death's Breath.

Adding salvage option to inventory would work aswell but this will eliminate the need to run to The Blacksmith to salvage items and running to the Blacksmith to salvage is part of this game aswell.
Not to fond with this idea but maybe something that would be available in the future.

"System notification"
Season 16 end got announced 30 minutes prior to end and it counted down by the minute.
This felt like System was spamming and it did not look good.
Two hours before ending of a season a system message could be send out.
System Message : Season ending in 2 hours
System Message : Season ending in 1 hour
System Message : Season ending in 30 minutes
System Message : Season ending in 10 minutes
System Message : Season ending in 5 minutes
System Message : Season ending in 60 seconds
This would look cleaner then having a count down by the minute.

"Search Function"
The added search funtion is neat however implementing a way to clear the text could be nice.
After typing the criteria one has to highlight everything with left mouse hold and drag left or hit backspace till you end up at start.
Adding a X at the end of the searchbar for clearing the text would do or if you mouse click the search area again it could auto highlight the text and retyping clears the previous inputted criteria.

"Bane of the stricken"
Does the stack drop if one goes out of combat ? or does it stay for the whole duration as long as you stay in the same room with the monsters you hitted while Bane of the Stricken equipped?.
Adding a small icon with the current stack on target could be an option however keeping track of every single monster on screen wouldnt be realistic.
Maybe the icon could show up once you hit 50 stacks and counting upwards so it only comes up during long fights and stays hidden during faster kills.
An icon indicating the stacks isnt necessarily needed an icon could popup showing the countdown letting people know that the stack will drop if one would be running away from a fight.
Assuming Bane of the Stricken is up during the time you still in the same room as the boss the icon would be helpfull indicating how many stacks you have already.
Adding an option enabling disabling this feature if you decide to add this in the game would give players the choice to have it shown or not.
An explanation would do aswell then simply ignore the icon that shows the stacks suggestion.

"Slow effect"
The half shield effect around the feet when target is effected by a slow effect that has been caused by Cold Damage type skill or "Bane of the Trapped" isnt really looking good just the Cold Damage color aura is efficient enough the half shield is overkill and gives a watery look.
Please concider reworking it.
Here is an idea : A small Cold skill color type Tornado effect like The Energy Twister skill of the Wizard that swirls slower, at lower grafic settings it could be a Cold type color puddle under the feet.
Or try lowering the Pivot Point from Knee Hight to Ankle Hight.

During Season 17 when you start of in Adventure Mode right after that before even doing anything exit game and start Campaign Mode companions are in town and can be hired from the start.
Not sure if this is intented and would make the Campaign Mode a bit easyer right from the start.
The moment you hire Kormac and start playing you come across him again during your journey this is a bit wierd.
The moment the followers mini quest is done and desides to join you the one if its the same follower disapears and you keep one follower at your side.
Did not test it yet but assuming if you run with Lyndon and since your first companion you supposed to come across is Kormac they would run aside you?.

Once you finish the Campaign Mode and geared up your followers a little during your play the moment you go in Adventure Mode the visual of the corresponding gear is not shown grafically on your follower untill you select them and choose to hire them or hit Inventory & Skills option only then the visual appearance is visible.

While doing the "Quest" with Lyndon at a later stage in game the moment you enter Kingsport Dungeon and start the "Quest" Lyndon stops following you for some reason compared to other follower during their "Quest" and you have to click Lyndon and select hire to make him follow you.

"Multishot / Evasive Fire"
The adjustment to Evasive Fire / Multishots shooting mechanic felt a bit strange at start but feels better once you get used to it.
Sometimes if mobs are at close range as in melee range they wont get hit that often and even the "Homing Missle" do miss them and prefer to fly off to targets which are further away.
Assuming the arrows are narrower at starting point and gets wider and spread the moment they are further away from starting point you end up missing some shot at starting point.
At a later stage into the game when you have better gear to manage your resources this isnt noticeable however when you are low on Hatred and or Discipline and cant Vault away and mobs are melee range you end up missing the hits due to "Deadspace".
Not entirely sure bout the "Deadspace" but it feels like there is one and you cant hit them all the time.

"Large Horadric Chest"
While in a Public Game and people do split bounties meaning every hero does a act on its own then finish off the last act or help each other to complete the bounties.
People sometimes tend to wait till last moment when everyone is done then finish off the bounties to collect the reward which is a Large Horadric Chest for each act a total of 5.
Now sometimes people do finish a act faster then others and finish of the bounties to collect the Large Horadric Chest which is not a big deal unless someone has his/her inventory full the Large Horadric Chest then drops to the ground near the player now if the player is in a fight and or speeding as fast as he/she can to keep up with the rest it happens that one would mis out the reward and it stays there on the ground once you have finished all acts and wonder why one has not all the Large Horadric Chest's.
Personally i try to go through the last couple of maps i was in to try to find the missing ones but it would help alot incase this happens a Icon could show up next to the Teleporter on the map indicating that a Large Horadric Chest is still in that area waiting for you to be collected, if you enter that level a white letter H on the minimap could hint where to look for it.
Same idea as The "Key" Icon indicating that a Keywarden is in that area.

"Treasure Goblin Portal"
The System Notification tells you a "Vault" has been opened and people use the Teleport to a player option to clear the portal together.
Now if the Portal is to a Rainbow Level players could clear it and continue bounties and once the bounties are over they could go in and collect the loot thats still inside.
A Portal Icon next to the Teleporter on the map indicating the Portal is located in that level would be helpful.
This would make it a bit easyer to figure out where that Portal is and not wonder where it was.
This could also encourage people to not run it during the bounties and save it till the bounties are over and the ones that are interested could then go in afterwards together.

"Season 17 Legacy of Nightmares"
When you are not using a set bonus and any item equipped which is a Ancient you get a 750% Damage boost and 4% Damage reduction.
Since there are 13 item slots when equipped with Ancient gear you end up getting, 13 x 750 = 9750% Damage boost and 13 x 4 = 52% Damage reduction.
However if you use a Two Handed weapon you end up filling 12 slots and miss out a solid 750% Damage gain and 4% Damage reduction.
12 x 750 = 9000% Damage boost and 12 x 4 = 48% Damage reduction.
This gives a bit disadvantage for those who have a Two Handed Weapon equipped when compared to Mainhand and Offhand users.
If the bonus gain from a Two Handed Weapon be upped to 1500% Damage boost and 8% Damage reduction this would put it back to par with Mainhand and Offhand users.

"Attack Speed"

Attack Speed on Weapon does not get calculated correctly on the character sheet.
The Weapon it self does benefit from the Attack Speed when you roll it on weapon, the attack per second gained is calculated correctly and the Damage gain does get calculated however it doesnt get calculated correctly on the character sheet when you look at the Attack speed %.

For example:
Attacks per Second 1.88
Attack Speed Increase 34%
Damage 337.992

Weapon name "Savage Shard" (rare ceremonial knife) 1-hand WitchDoctor.
1,810.9 Damage Per Second
991-1596 Damage
1.40 Attacks per Second
+874-1127 Damage
+604 Intelligence
+607 Vitality
Monster kills grant +123 Experience
1.9% Chance to knockback on Hit

If i roll socket to Attack Speed stats are:

Attacks per Second 1.99 *

Attack Speed Increase 34% stays the same

Damage 358.197 *

Weapon name "Savage Shard" (rare ceremonial knife) 1-hand WitchDoctor.
1,919.6 Damage Per Second *
991-1596 Damage
1.48 Attacks per Second *
+874-1127 Damage
+604 Intelligence
+607 Vitality
Increases Attack Speed by 6% *
Monster kills grant +123 Experience
1.9% Chance to knockback on Hit

* indicates the changes take effect.

Allow me to present Babyvass with two gold medals: :1st_place_medal::medal_sports:
The first is for longest post iv’e ever seen on these forums.
The second is for post most unlikely to be read in it’s entirety.

I just wish it had been a wall of text, that would have been perfect.

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"Trust Level"

Introducing the Trust Level within the Forums is a nice Feature.
To see your current Trust Level one is Forced to visit an External Site.
Wouldnt it be better to see your current Trust Level internally?.
Think of showing your current level somewhere near your Portait which is located top right corner.
When you click your own Portrait you enter a section that shows you your post etc.
Trust Level could be shown there aswell.

Not really… Pachimari’s script only makes your trust level easier to figure out. The data is actually available on the server and you could go and fetch it if you really wanted.

Could you be kind and remove the link in your post? i dont like having a .json behind my usertag.

Done - not that it matters much… this procedure is well publicized and anyone can use that procedure to see the trust level of another player.

First of all, some of these ideas may be pointed out by other players as well. Kudos to everyone who still contribute with ideas to this title. Here are mine.

Small suggestions to improve some aspects of Diablo 3, without having a big impact on game balance.

1. Portal opened by a dying Goblin leads to the Ancient Vault.

  • this event occurs rarer than the drop rate of Ancient/Primal Puzzle Ring, so there should be a comparable reward.

2. Staff of Herding opens a portal to Whimsydale (instead of Whimsyshire), same as the portal opened by the Rainbow Goblin. To compensate for this, the next changes should be implemented, as well:

  • decrease even more the drop rate of Gibbering Gemstone
  • Staff of Herding is destroyed when a portal is opened by the Ghost of the Cow King

2.1. Create a “Bovine” Staff (without Gibbering Gemstone) to be used by the player to open a portal to Whimsyshire for those who want from time to time to “see some teddy bears and unicorns”, but without the far better rewards from Whimsydale. This staff is also destroyed in the process.

Quality of life improvements.

3. Pets can collect Nephalem and Greater Rift Orbs.

4. Picking up a material will gather all materials, regardless of type (same as gems).
4.1. If pets could collect materials, it would be great :).

5. Close portals to Uber Bosses after completing all 4 Realms.

  • this way we would not be forced to leave game just to open different portals again if we’d want to gather more ingredients.

6. Upgrade gems 3-5 (n) levels at once if [GR lvl - (Gem lvl + n)] > 9, by holding the Shift key.

7. 50-75% more crafting ingredients for completing solo all 25 bounties in one session. Extra Horadric Chest will contain the bonus ingredients.

8. For the love of Odin, get rid of Set Dungeons. They are 150% useless :).


And some ideas that could create some motivation among people to play more. I am aware that these ideas will affect the game balance and they should be further analyzed and tested.

1. Ramaladni’s Gift (all suggestions here are to help those who spend many, many hours playing Diablo 3, myself not included :slightly_smiling_face:… I only spend around 15 hours/week).
1.1. Use 250 Ramaladni’s Gifts to add a second socket to an already socketed Weapon.
1.2. 100 Ramaladni’s Gifts - add 1 socket to unsocketed Jewelry, Helms, Body armors, Pants, Off-hands. The added socket on armor or pants can be changed to 2-3 sockets at the Mystic, but not to other attribute.
1.3. 25 Ramaladni’s Gifts - add 1 socket to Bracers, Shoulders, Gloves, Belts and Boots (I think 25 Ramaladni’s Gifts should be enough to add +280 of chosen attribute or +74 Resistance). I believe Tasker and Theo and Ice Climbers no longer roll with a socket, so no problem here with creating extra sockets to already socketed items.
1.4. Add extra materials to create unique formulae that can be used in Kanai’s Cube. Otherwise it would be pretty difficult to choose what you want to do with a pile of Ramaladni’s Gifts.
1.5. Only Primal Weapons will still roll without a socket. The other Primal items can roll with sockets. The reason for this would be to help those who don’t spend so much time on the game and don’t have time to gather many Ramaladni’s Gifts. Otherwise the Primal items would be useless for them if they don’t have a tone of Ramaladni’s Gifts.
1.6. 1 Ramaladni’s Gift can still be used to add 1 socket to a Weapon.

I understand that the number of Ramaladni’s Gifts is high but it should be high. The rewards will create some monster characters and only the ones that play a lot should be rewarded. :slight_smile:

2. Followers (for those who prefer playing solo, like myself).
2.1. Follower Sets. Why not? :slight_smile:
2.2. Keep only the Follower Specials that prevent them from dying (during an end-game scenario the Followers die immediately without this so any skills they might have become useless). Remove the other two (Gain access to all skills and Reduce cooldown). I don’t believe anyone is using these.
2.2.1. Remove Life/Toughness related attributes from Specials (now that there is only the one that prevents the Follower from dying).
2.2.2. Add Ancient Specials (Gain 1 skill point to be used to access an extra skill) and Primal Ancient Specials (Gain 2 skill points to be used to access 2 extra skills (Total skills = 6)). Can’t be transferred to another follower from a different character, once added to a certain one.
2.2.3. Follower Specials can’t be crafted from upgrading rare items in Kanai’s Cube anymore. Still, they can be reforged.

3. Redesign Torment difficulties and make Nephalem Rifts more rewarding. Torment levels become theoretically unlimited.
3.1. Max(Torment_lvl) = Round(Max(GR_lvl):10).
3.2. When opening a GR, one should be able to select 5 levels above his/her Max(GR_lvl) to be easier to reach higher levels. I know that now you can select 1-2 levels above your highest GR level to protect you from dying to often, but I believe every player will find his/her own limits.
3.3. All items should become available while playing on GR80 or higher (or Torment VIII or higher). Increase drop rate for higher GR or higher Torment levels.
3.4. Increase the experience earned when completing Nephalem Rifts now that they are linked to Greater Rifts.

Ok so I’m just posting here because I’ve seen a lot of effort in two specific posts in here with a lot of suggestions and actually I was expecting more from Blizzard.

I believe it could be useful if dev team would actually read the posts and get some ideas. I can see some suggestions were based on D2, specially the Auras from certain Sets (and from Paladin :slight_smile:) and other suggestions also mentioned on other threads on forum.

Overall I’m just happy someone still cares and tries to present suggestions in the hope it reaches the Devs eyes


Dimensional Speed: Added effect = Greatly improves movement 40% and Attack Speed 30% which adds roughly 1,000,000 damage.
Dimensional Power: Added effect = Greatly improves Damage.

The Speed Pylon added effect is visible in the character sheet however the Power Pylon doesnt add up any numbers.

"Min-Max Rolls"

When it comes to set parts or non set parts the Headpiece and the Gloves are the only two items that roll up to 1000 stats and the rest stays at 650.
Why limit our selfs to only allow those two parts to roll up so high when the rest stays so low.
A ancient item that is allowed to roll up to 1000 has its base stats look like this 825-1000 a margin of 175.
A ancient item that is allowed to roll up to 650 has its base stats look like this 550-650 a margin of 100.
If the Headpiece and the Gloves are the only two pieces that are allowed to roll up to 1000 the rest could be allowed to roll up to 750.

Most of the items min roll when it comes to Min-Max damage especially on weapons they differ from each other.
Assuming Dagger and Crossbows since they got a base attack speed at 1.5 attacks per second they dont go higher then 1700 max roll.
When it comes to other weapons insert any name if its a One-handed sword or Ceremonial knife etc the max roll is 1940
Now when looked at Two-Handed Staves, Swords, Mace etc the max roll is set to 2325.
How come Yang's Recurve when its a Two-Handed weapon and still has a max roll of 1940 shouldnt it be 2325 since that bow falls under the category Two-Handed bow.

Dagger/Crossbow max roll 1700
One-Handed any weapon max roll 1940
Two-Handed any weapon max roll 2325

1700 1940 2325

Yang's Recurve Legendary 981-1490=509
Yang's Recurve Ancient Legendary 1318-1940=622
Yang's Recurve Primal Ancient Legendary 1560-1940=380

There is already a Speed Pylon that adds increased movement speed and attack speed.

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Heart of iron Gains the visual effect of reflect damage skill effect but less intensieve if a person has a set amount of thorns damage on his gear this glow or the effect gets more visible.

Around 5.000 Thorns damage 33% intensity
Around 10.0000 Thorns damage 66% intensity
Around 15.000 Thorns damage 100% intensity
Visual feature indicating person running with Thorns Build.
Not a game changer might be seen as a visual build indicator.

Fire Walkers & Iceclimbers
Fire Walkers contains the element Fire and does leave a trail of fire that does damage.

Iceclimbers contains the element Cold and makes you immune to immobilizing and freeze effects.

Iceclimbers also has a affix that reduces damage taken from cold attacks by 7%-10%.

Fire Walkers Could have a bonus affix that either Reduces or Increases damage From the Element Fire.

Iceclimbers Could contain a Bonus visual effect in the form of a Ice trail that damages and Slows the target.

Now if you see Firewalkers as a Attack variant and Iceclimbers as a Defence variant of the same catagory item (Boots).
Firewalkers Could gain the bonus affix Increases damage done by Fire skills by 7%-10%.
Iceclimbers already have the affix Decreases damage taken by Cold skills by 7-10%.
Added visual bonus effect could be next to becoming immune to Freeze and Immobilizing plus leave a Trail of ice that slows down enemys.

Firewalkers leaves a trail of fire that deals 400% of your weapon damage as fire every second.
Bonus Affix = Increase Damage done by fire skills 10%-15% & Decrease Damage taken from Fire skills by 15%
Taking fire damage restores 1%-3% of your resource
Immune to Desecrator and Molten

Iceclimbers leaves a trail of ice that deals 400% of your weapon damage as cold damage every second and slows targets down by 60% of their movement speed.
Bonus Affix = Increases Damage done by cold skills 10%-15% & Decrease Damage taken from Cold skills by 15%
Immune to Freeze and Immobilizing effect.

The ancient versions could have Higher Weapon damage percentage since these bonuses are kinda out dated and dont add that much if you pass a certain Difficulty.
Upping the weapon damage rolls on weapons could help aswell. This however will up the overall damage of a hero aswell or might outbalance other items that apply weapon damage.

Critical Hit affix
On the items that allow you to get this affix seems that it does not get affected by the quality of the item
Magic Rare Legendary stay all the same 4.5%-6% Critical Hit
Amulets and Gloves roll Higher up to 10% Critical Hit.
Magic item Affix = Critical Hit Chance 4.5%-6%
Rare item Affix = Critical Hit Chance 5.5%-7%
Legendary item affix = Critical Hit Chance 6.5%-8%
Ancient Legendary item Affix = Critical Hit Chance 7.5%-9%
Primal Ancient Legendary item Affix = Critical Hit Chance 10%

This stat extension table gives more “Upgraded Feel” if a item is replaced by a higher Quality.
This applies to Attack Speed and Critical Hit Damage.
The rolls for Gloves and Amulets could get something similar aswell but couple % higher rolls.
Numbers are an example and the min-max could be lowered however it could be a different value when the item quality is higher then previous.

A new form which improves the following “Movement speed,Attack speed,Damage and Defence gain”.
Astral “Voodoo” Form
While in this form you may move unhindered through enemies
Movement speed increased by 50%.
Attack speed increased by 30%.
Armor Increased by 50%.
Resist all Increased by 40%.

Runes adding Elemental Damage increase by 100%.
Blue Form Cold damage by 100%.
Boosts Haunt
Green Form Poison damage by 100%.
Boosts Locust Swarm
Red Form Fire damage by 100%.
Boosts Firebats
Yellow Form Physical damage by 100%.
Boosts Pet damage

Cooldown of this skill could be high enough that it could be lowered for a 100% up time if a hero has enough Cooldown reduction.
Same way as Epiphany/Vengeance/Wrath of the bezerker/Akarat’s Champion/Archon.
All of the other classes have some sort of a Form apart from the Witchdoctor.
Some of these numbers might be overkill but this new Form is something that could be looked into.

When designing this form one could lean towards the idea of Vengeance embodiment or Epiphany.
Leaning towards the idea of Wrath of the Bezerker or Akharat’s Champion the body would become huge when compared to the body type of the Witchdoctor.