Suggestion - Loosen Transmog Rules

At this point we are pretty far into the expansion. Transmog was a great feature that got added. However, the rules in place are a relic of the time it was made. Since then we’ve seen the WoW dev team loosen transmog rules. I believe the same should happen here.

For example, I love the way daggers look. However on my barb I’m running mighty weapons which cannot be transmogged into daggers. Being able to do this is one of those small quality of life things that goes a long way to allow a person to make the character they want to play. And I think that is ultimately what’s important, and its what the point of the transmog system in the first place. Things don’t need to get opened to the point of transmogging a hammer into a cross bow, but I think they should be more open in some aspects such as melee weapon --> melee weapon being allowed.

Edit: Another example I think would be cool is to be able to visually change the elemental damage effect on weapons, that way I could have my swords glow blue or red depending on what I want.

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This sounds like a simple request, but it’s not and it would involve a lot of manpower to accomplish for the simple reason that not all of the hero classes can use all of the weapon types. So, it wouldn’t just be allowing the transmogs, they’d have to create new animations / attacks for the classes that can’t currently use the class-prohibited weapon types. They’re just not going to spend that amount of time / resource on something that earns them absolutely nothing.


In that case it could still be opened up but not all the way. As in if your class can use that weapon type it should be able to transmog to it. If it can’t use that weapon type and doesn’t have animations for it then it can stay closed off there.

So, let’s say you start off on a Wizard and you have a one-handed sword, which is a weapon type you can wield. You transmog it into a wand, which is also a weapon type you can wield. Okay, so what happens if you equip that weapon on a Barbarian, which could wield an axe, but not a wand?

A scenario like that already exist in the game, you can transmog a sword into a mighty weapon which only a barb can use. When you give that item to a different class, it no longer has the mighty weapon appearance. Instead it takes the appearance of the original item.

I just tested this and I transmogged a sword into Bul Kathos’s Warrior Blood. It took that apparence on my barb. I put it in the stash and switched to my witch doctor and it has the apparence of Tsunami Blade which is what the sword originally was. But it retains the transmog if I give it back to the barb.

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I like the appearance of 2 handed flails way more than one handed for crusader. Interesting topic although I have no idea how feasible this is for the devs.

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I know of no character class that cannot use daggers. He isn’t asking for non barbarians to be able to use mighty weapon visuals, he is asking for the opposite. There is a pool of items that anyone or almost anyone can use. To transmog into the apperance of thease shouldn’t be a problem.

Two handed flails can easily become one handed so why not?

this gona be op
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