Sumation of season 19 theme thus far

Hey folks having played the new season for three days I am not impressed by the season theme because it is too short a duration timer between hits before it falls of resets & you have to start again. Make it a minute or no timer at all baring in mind battlenet is always lagging for RoS and you can often run for more than 10s and not encounter a single enemy so do the right thing and increase the timer countdown!

On a positive note the effects are cool when you get a large density map in a rift/grift however the angels are now more like mice ergo they are weak so how about you give the angels a special skill like boost all players on the maps damage toughness & recovery by 1000% whilst the angels are active.

Peace & Love.

It’s fine the way it is. Actually it is one of the best themes we have had. I would say that the only theme that might have been better than the current one was the free LoN theme.
We are lucky that the themes have been getting better and better with each season.

The short timer duration is a right royal pain in the arse when you have to stop and use the overly large and very imprecise cursor to pick up mats, gems and legendaries.

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Rifts are for getting mats and stuff (unless you’re just running to get keys) and the difficulty is so low that you’re not dependant on the Pandemonium buff. The season theme is more important for GRs.

it is the best theme so far. I wanted to create a new topic for this but since it is mentioned here i want to suggest that this theme become permanent after season. It gives a lot fun. The duration is fine but i think it must be a bit longer when you enter a new stage since there is usually no mobs in entrances.

the main problem with this theme is when you push some higher grs like 120+ solo you need huge density.

D3 was never so map dependant. You get 2 elites + a lot of low hp density? GG you one shot this elites and everything around

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It was marketed to help you from the START of the season ergo this includes all aspects of gameplay: however this is clearly NOT the case; 10s is too short a duration of time due to server issues screen loading, you can often travel for 10s and not encounter a single spawn, this is especially the case when traveling from one map to another, also teleportation is NOT instantaneous ergo this was clearly NOT taken into consideration. It is the lack of recognising details such as this that prevents the game from been awesome.

Peace & Love!

Really no point in responding to this since I feel I’m just repeating myself - as you are repeating yourself…

Nevertheless: 10 seconds is an eternity in D3 and even if the 50 stacks fall off they’re almost immediately up again once you cast fissure on (or between) a few monsters. If your loading times are extremely high then you’ve either got poor hardware or a poor server connection/speed - or both - which of course is unfortunate for you.