This lag and queues are insane

the lag is insane in game currently. Let alone the queue jumping from 10 mins to 30 seconds. I waited in queue for 27 minutes. Fix this shit blizzard.


It is all part of the fun of the game. The suspense and impending excitement whilst waiting.


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  • 1 i want to play SINGLE PLAYER game and i have to wait fot it 20 min is this counts as a refund? i did pay for this game and i can assume that i can play it whenever i want

It’s totally insane. Blizz is just total shit.


What explains it? Every log in takes several minutes. Maybe there’s been a sudden spike in volume this week.

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Blizzard fired EU server tech during BFA. All they have left is some skeleton crew at Irvine who creates these so called seasons with minimum effort.


…aaaaaannd que is up and running as intendend…

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Most likely the staff of herding. People log in and out constantly to farm Chiltara, or any other components and that may cause issues. I don’t know why Blizz made it a thing in this season while knowing that this could happen. Of course, it’s very possible they don’t really pay attention or care.


I was pretty hyped for D4 and thought why not jump in some seasonal seshions.

Well, guess what, that sh…t aint happening.

Iam in EU Germany. I have a rock solid 15ms to Frankfurt with 0.1ms Jitter and the Ping with around 50ms is already pretty absurd, playable with this type of game, but still absurd. I guess you only use 1 cheap server in Ireland or Narnia.

Unfortunatly, i also keep getting ping spikes into the 170s ms, which renders the game to a slide show, with rapid screen freezes (everything on the screen just standstill and no input is registering for like 2 or 3 seconds) and then followed up by a rubberbanding effect, as if the game tries to catch up.


Jumping into greater rifts with my WD is totally normal. Still the absurd high ping of 50ms, but playable.

im waiting at Blizzards diablo 3 login screen for like 10 minutes now :wink: it wont get better.