Thorn chicken 70+ solo with unity

Hello, actualy season ends for me. I find for me really fun build on NS.

Its realy simple i now thorn work on Arachyr and this build is incomplete
( old) version with CHC and old specification ! this is only testing version.
I not have looted new stuff and my question is if i go thorn my stat is necessery ? On WD thorn damage rise only from vitality. thanks and watch this video have olny 13 min. That rift is possible pusing without Thorn to but output damage is higer with Thorn Boss is hard to kill i not have space for Legendary gem that can increase damage to bosses and rift guardian. Eficious toxin is needed 100% unchangable.

Pushing solo 83 GR ! 2 min more and is cleared. Problem is resist and mana regeneration. Thanks -pls do not nerf this isnt cheat or whos no, i use statndard game mechanics looting gear and gems any way not have strong to pushing GR 120+ But Rift 16 is out i need my favorit speed build on that :slight_smile:

P.S - i cant find legendary what stun enemies when i hit em or take hit from firebats or something OP.

Pls help me and thanks good luck.

Edit : i now that is small portion of thorn. Crusader goin GR 120 with 350% bonus on the set and 50% increased attac speed + 15000% thorn on first hit. True is thorn on this build work very good. i try more… Maybe on the future.

Sorry for duble post i need seable this post. Some one can tell me why on game not exist legendary gem with fire elements or arcane ?

teoreticaly : whenever you deal fire damage element damage is increased by 150% max 1000
passive : all your fire skill ignite oponents

and arcane.


you do no witch doctor don’t proc thorns also thorns can not crit so crit chance and crit damage is uselss

i would remove that chicken aswell for hex so you can place it down every 5 to 10 seconds so you are more tanky and while its down you have a chance of the mobs turning into pigs so you deal 15% more dps to them from firebats you also need haunt so you can befit from the ring

Ok thanks. I play this way no for joke for fun i love that :slight_smile: If hex after explosion stun enemy my life is complete :slight_smile:
i gogle it so much next patch give me captain crimsson for this reason i try full thorn. Right now i now "MY stat is key, after vitality and CDR a resource cost reduction. Again i must said this is only test version my own going without specific thorn build. Watch my profile and rank. 85 GR today. perfect ! At level 70, most items can roll up to 2800 Thorns damage, while helms, chests, amulets, pauldrons and belts can roll up to 7696, to a total of 58080 on all slots except main and off hands (73492 with weapons and shields). With [Ancient Legendary]items, these values can go up to 75504 / 95540. A [Topaz]( gem in the weapon [socket]can also add up to 38000 damage to Thorns. +999 / 6000 Thorns damage can be gained from [Demon’s Hide]

Overall, for all classes but Crusaders with Thorns of the Invoker set, it is not a major source of damage. However, a good assortment of protection can make the total damage inflicted with Thorns quite considerable, easily allowing a player with sufficient primary stat and/or thorns to make monsters lose more [Life] per hit than the damage they successfully inflict upon the hero. It is most effective against weak numerous attackers, especially if those are way below the character in Life and damage; on lower difficulties, one may kill most foes without as much as pressing a button. Collecting the variety of Thorns-centered gear can turn this mechanic from defensive to offensive, so a well-armed Crusader may, if desired, make it a lethal weapon.

In PvP, while it will rarely actually kill an adequately geared foe, it will add some form of extra punishment. Considering that players generally have less than monsters, it may prove even more effective in PvP than against the minions of Hell.

All character profit from thorn only Crusader have set and special build ability for Thorn.