Unable to GR 140+ because of lag

I’m playing Tal Rasha comet.
GRs below 140 are kind of ok.
When I try to push 140+ (143 atm), I just cannot play at all because my latency is red as soon as I group more than 10 mobs (like 1000ms) .
I’m getting huge lag spike, and then I’m dead unless I pause the game.

My PC is correct (I9, 2080Ti, 32Gb, SSD NVMe, 1Gb fiber)

Can you fix your servers, or tell me how I’m supposed to fix that on my end ?



I have the same problem… it sucks.

Yes, its sad…it lags when you move around in the town and it lags when you fight a gr boss…but yea, blizz dosent give a damn about the problem, and is not gonna fix it

good to know that we dont pay for any of theese games. Monthly fees for wow and bla bla bla… they make millions and billions of money… and cant maintain a sertant level of server capacity…