We need character specific stash tabs... or an Armory QOL fix or Extra Character Slots

I understand the technical limitations. How about just adding a private stash per character? That way you never load the other character tabs, so the data update/poll issue goes away.

I’m willing to bet that this is trivial, and you can reduce the max shared tabs by 4-5 and reduce the server data request per join.(since with an extra tab per character that would effectively be 14 more)

And this fits the game, since you wish to store alternative builds or sets.

Another QOL feature that greatly matches this is to have the armory always use the character private stash to equip and store the sets in question.

And beyond this, I would settle with just having the Armory store the sets in itself. If you do this, I’d be ok, if you reduced the max tabs by half as well.
As it stands We can’t store all sets/builds unless the character is also carrying 1-2 sets on him. This is really bad!

Alternatively add more character slots!!

Dont add!! I have too much cleaning to do in the end of season already.

If Gnosis has too little space to save things - You have too many characters/builds, simple as that.

They attempted to give us more Stash tabs a while back and discovered limitations that they wouldn’t be able to get around without significant re-coding of how Inventory / Stash worked, particularly as it pertains to groups. At this point, the game’s eight years old and is in the hands of the classic games team. There’s literally no cost / benefit justification for that kind of expense.

My NS stash is beyond full, it’s easier than you think to get to this point. One pair of Nemesis Bracers for dps with cold dps, and another piece with fire dmg. Then 2 others for support, where one has pickup radius. Now you’re up to 4 pair of Nemesis.

See the pattern?

Now do this with most commonly used items in the game. It adds up. There’s no such thing like too many builds. That’s essentially what an arpg is all about; getting loot.

With 20 seasons behind us there’s no question that our current inventory to keep all that loot from the past is just not enough. They could’ve done it easy from the beginning, have 4-5 stashtabs for each character, and add one more stashtab that is globally shared between all of your characters, for easy access (like gems, Bovines etc.).

There’s still builds I’d like to play one day, even characters. I’ve never gotten into wizard for instance, and at this current state with the stashspace I don’t have any room for any wizard gear.

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I easily have 2-3 tabs for utility items.

Add the fact that you may need several with different main stat and you’re done for. I stopped playing several classes cause I have nowhere to place their loot.

A the very least if they unified main stat it would be of great help but I don’t see that hapening.

If they let us craft ancients it would be a great relief as well, cause you’d craft what you need and not store everything.

IF I am understanding this right - for every player - this stash is gonna get one db-page that is gonna have to be updated when ever someone logs into battlenet - no matter if one logs some different game… so…

DB usage for every indivitual - think this as it WILL use network all the time…

No, you have less simultaneous stash tabs open, but you have more in total.

the APP loads all common tabs, (that would be far less than 13) say 8, and only for the selected character, loads 1 extra tab - his personal one.