What d4 needs only

all I ask from d4 is to make the graphics good. PLEASE keep the same engine from d3. diablo 3 has the best graphics in the arpg world. I don’t want dark old graphics like poe or grim dawn or wolcen. Also please keep stats simple on items for d4 just just like diablo 3. Don’t make things complicated like poe, grim dawn,wolcen and last epoch. don’t follow these games cause they are all shit.

soo 1st keep same graphics like diablo 3
2nd don’t make stupid complicated stats on gear. keep simple and small like diablo 3.

Don’t make unlimited lvl / paragons etc. Except the lvl will be for cosmetic change. Not only increasing main stat to infinity :slight_smile:

Seriously?? Why don’t you take a look at the Diablo 4 gameplay videos on youtube.

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Go back to WoW. It’s bright enough for you, Diablo is a dark game, get over with it.

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Actually, if you watch the Diablo IV:Unveiled video from Blizcon, at around 10:07, Tiffany Wat, the Senior Producer on Diablo IV specifically states that the game is indeed using a brand new engine.

  1. Fill the game with all sort of different modes which will allow to enjoy it from all the broad range of perspectives people might have.
  2. Add ingame events on the outcome of which will depend how you are going to function tomorrow or even few days after i.e. Guild Wars 2 has that sort of thing implemented where your parties or fraction actions literally change the way things are going to happen in future and so on and so for. This of course could be given a lot more detail and adjusted to Diablo environment and make it outstanding. Another example is making some system of penalties that would depend on all kind of different factors and therefore giving your party a certain boost/bounty or giving a disadvantage/debuff and let them last for certain periods.
  3. Make a new and influential partymaking&ranking system that will allow top tier players to compete between each other etc.
  4. And generally speaking things like that! If devs sit down and think i believe they could introduce a lot of freshness, depth and new look together with old beloved dark essence of the game.