What's the point of Diablo IV?


Why showing us a game that will be released maybe in 3 years???
You destroyed Diablo with “Diablo III.”

Blizzard died long ago, yes the game looks darker, but not enough, you should create a brutal game that will bring back the glory to the franchise. It seems like the team is uncreative, because you only try to imitate, but in a bad way.
Why the items now take only one square in the inventory, who’s the funny guy that suggested this?

You like to speak about your great engine, instead of using Unreal 4 that will make a great job, you play games and develop by yourself, some of the graphics from the gameplay you have shown are definitely dated.
I see how great your engines are; Starcraft 2 FPS is so low, even with a high rig, due to your great engines.

Diablo Immortal is a greedy game that supposes to buy the Chinese. Shame on you for making this mobile game, you should call it “Activision Diablo III” as well

No offline mod, can you explain why?


You should go into stand up comedy. You’re so crazy funny. Ridiculously funny :rofl:


ok, ill bite
since the release of d3 even tho it has its own problems(huge ones) the game has not been hacked to be played in pirated version, so instead of plague the game with denuvo or the sort, always online protects the game from piracy and it adds extra protection in thwarting hackers in finding exploits in offline local processes.
granted if battle net experiences problems or the user has no internet that means no game either, but since neither solution is perfect, always online seems to be a better compromise.

Since when a company is forbidden to make products? Granted last year it was a pr disaster, hyping diablo since august and then a let down in the announcement followed by the profound disrespect and mockery towards fans with the meme level question “don’t you guys have phones?”
this year however everything went fine
they announced d4, had an awesome cinematic, arguable best blizz cinematic of all times, with a very early playable demo non the less and also an update for their mobile game. If you dont like it then you dont play it. There is no need for hatred.

if you want it darker you can either go to the forums and give contructive feedback or you can turn your brighness to 0 on your screen.
Seems like you need to vent and bring out your own frustration, whining on forums seldom helps, try to seek help.

because that is what a lot o people want, this is most of us wanted last year with the whole immortal fiasco

now that the troll had been fed, i wish you good night


What is the point of this topic ?
Already complaining about a game thats gonna be out maybe in 2021 ?
I was never happy about D3 since i played the story mode. Never liked the progression system in D3. Never liked the drop rates of legenderies and coudn’t improve my build to enjoy my champion enought till Blizz went crazy about pretty much everything and the game become over rewarding to support its endless PvE grinding. D3 is not a succesor to D2. That is why people expecting so much from D4 and people see a great potential for Builds, PvE, PvP, World and the story for people who cares about it like myself.

Now pls go and find another unreleased game to complain about.


It’s their strategy to get early feedback and not hit or miss.


Graphics do worry me a lot :frowning:


Ironically Diablo Immortal is looking better than Diablo 4


Don’t forget people were waiting for blizz to show us D4 since last blizzcon, and blizz have to please investors, don’t forget first of all it’s a business.


Hello. This is well know fact, but I guess you didn’t care about looking into it. The game, from all that have tested it, runs buttery smooth. No need for the Unreal engine. In addition, most graphics were turned down on the demo, that’s why it may not look that impressive. Are you also forgetting that this game is in early stages of development? It’s not coming out soon, not even Blizzard soon™.


Well, there are 2 main things to note here: 1. The game is far from finished, and DI is close to being finished. Atleast far far ahead of D4. 2. The graphics were turned down on the demo.

Maybe you should do some research, instead of p***** on this game. The game of far from finished.
Also, it sounds like you have already paid for the game and want a refund. Maybe you should refrain from judging something that isn’t coming out in years? Think about it.


That is perhaps the most important thing that you have not completely understood the meaning of. Blizzard has defined themselves for years by the simple fact they they do NOT copy what other have done. They have instead lead the way forward by developing their own ideas and techniques, through which others have been inspired.

Or have you forgotten that the RPG genre as a whole would not be what it is today if not for the pioneering work done by Blizzard on Diablo 1?

Everyone is copying Blizzard. Not the other way around.


You’re the gullible fan. There are countless red flags, from open shared world to variety injection every season by making some legendaries stand out, etc. You just don’t see it because all you see is “D4 D4 D4”.


You’re right, I don’t see it. And that’s because there nothing to see and nothing to be concerned about.

The shared world, while I do have some questions about it, is something new. It’s impact is yet to be determined.

Blizzard never said that there will be variety injection my making some legendary items stand out. They mention that the variety will be in the form of the creation and introduction of new legendary items.

I see “D4 D4 D4” not because I’m gullible, but because even though I still enjoy playing D3 every day, it’s becoming old and I want to move on to something else.

You seem to believe that there are “countless red flag” to be concerned about in D4, right? If there are indeed so many, then please, point some out. One or Two will do. Open World and Cosmetics micro-transactions do not count.


YES, NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT! Them intentionally buffing a subset of legendaries every season for artificial variety isn’t a red flag!

Rewatch Rhykker’s interview with David Kim… He literally mentions making legendaries stand out. He also mentioned adding new ones but that was a completely separate statement.

Open world and cosmetics or mtx in general certainly count. Then there’s the issue I already mentioned. Then there’s the itemization. Then there’s the scaling. Then there’s the party size. Then there’s the fact that David Kim is on the team, he’s best known for ruining SC2.

You can’t even give me a single example of why there’s nothing to be concerned about. “It’s pre alpha” isn’t a reason since this game wouldn’t have been shown off at BlizzCon if they were gonna rework it from scratch, which is necessary.


They either buff a particular legendary item, or they nerf it. This is called “creating game balance”. Blizzard already does this in Diablo 3, so cannot be considered a red flag.

If you not taken that particular quote out of context, you would know that their intention of making legendary items stand out over and above sets is to eliminate so-called cookie-cutter builds, thus again allowing player to make their own choices as opposed to being forced to play a particular build through sets.

What “other issue”?

Itemization? Scaling? Party Size? What on earth are you on about? There are no issues to be seen here so far. So please, elaborate a little further so as to better promote your ideas why they are indeed a problem here in D4.

David Kim appears to have done a far better job so far with D4 than Jay Wilson ever did with D3.

You’re right.

I can’t give you a single example of anything wrong to be concerned about. And that’s because from what I’ve seen so far, there isn’t anything to be concerned about.

If what we have seen so far is only “pre-alpha”, then surely the “Alpha”, “Pre-Beta” and “Beta” releases will be better.


If you think someone’s ideas or opinions are bad, point out why you think so, and present better ones with substantiation. Resorting to ad hominem attacks is weak, as it looks like you have to criticise the person presenting an argument, rather than defeating their argument with your own.


You clearly didn’t read/understand anything. Also, opinions can’t be bad.

They never had one and they had already been defeated. I’m just tired of blind-faith shills


Of course they can…

  1. Some people have the opinion that the Earth is a globe.
  2. Some people have the opinion that the Earth is flat.

Are you really going to argue that one of these opinions isn’t bad?


Diablo 4 start this way:

people need more stash tab in D3! They ask developers for more stash tab. Developers say: “We cant add more space, its almost impossible”.
Then, players have say: “We can pay”, “Yeah, give us more stash tabs, we have money” etc…
Diablo 3 in China sell more stash tabs. Why don’t you do the same here?
And then… Developers team read that and… right! Diablo Immortal. (Players can pay… then we can make money)

They show us Diablo Immortal, but they forget one think. Not every player have a nice phone to play Diablo Immortal (i have Nokia 3310). Then, they need a better ideia to get players money. And what they did?

Diablo IV

And now all of us will get what we need: “micro-transactions” Now players, can pay for anything they like, and Blizzard will make alot of money.

Best exemple i can give to you? : Sims from EA u pay for everything!

All of us will get one Diablo 4 with PowerRangers,ninjas,hulk transformation, Poneis, Green\purple beautiful flower, and micro-transactions to buy everything u wish.

New blizzard logo:
“Diablo 4, if u have the dream and the money, we make it hapen”

End of the story!


I hope Diablo 4 succeeds and we get a far better game than Diablo 3. Having recently looked at other games, I do not think D3 graphics need improving, over other areas of concern.

I do not mind the “always online” but I do mind being unable to pause my game at any point I wish, which will happen if my game is “open” to other players.

And I really detest the political correctness which is splattered all over the demo and the archetypal classes.