Where is quarterly updated news about diablo 4?

hi Blizzard,

Before you had told us that you were going to inform us quarterly about diablo 4. Now we are in February. I have been waiting about updated info about diablo 4 but sadly nothing is written as you mentioned earlier.


I am not sure but they may mean “quarterly in 2020” . If this is the case we can expect updates till the end of march.

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There are 12 months in a year, which makes a quarter year to be 3 months. We can expect then an update at around the end of March.

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no, you are wrong, the last one was made in November 2019 so 3 months later is February. Thats why I asked, where the update was.

Or maybe you are wrong and sildarine and Prometheus are right?

C’mon people… patience…

See this 7 Jan 2020 Reddit thread:

If I interpret Nevalistis’s comment correctly… Blizzard is aiming for mid-Feb to end of Feb. for the update.

Q1 means sometime between now and the end of March. April would mark the beginning of Q2. I don’t have a time estimate for you, but my personal goal is to aim for somewhere in the middle to second third of the quarter. I’m not sure where exactly it’s going to land; we’ve never approached communication in quite this manner before, and sometimes there’s changes and schedule adjustments that need to be made. I suspect there will be many learnings for myself and the team with the first update as a result. :slight_smile:

@jazz I am not wrong, just check internet, last quarterly update was in november. When I was reading it, at that time I thought the next one would be in february in my mind.

Quarter 4 2019 = October, November, December 2019
Quarter 1 2020 = January, February, March 2020

So, you could do one blog on 1st October 2019, and the next on 31st March 2020, and whilst they’d be almost six months apart, they’d still be quarterly updates. They didn’t say they’d do updates every three months, they said quarterly.

Nevalistis commented on this reddit post about the february D4 update

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