Which Flavor Amulet to chose? Any pros around?


I have finally crafted two good amulets Flavor of Time, after countless hours of bounties and over 500+ tries in the cube.


Primal with stats: CHD, CHC, LPH, CDR, Socket… this one has no physical damage (life per hit instead, also good). And its primal! i already enchanted with 130 gem.

I can roll 100% CHD into 20% elemental… it sucks losing the damage :frowning:


Second: Legendary (cant be augmented) with stats: 93% CHD, 9% CHC, 5% CDR, 20% elemental (can be rolled), socket.

Now, the Primal has 9% more damage when compared with the other one, but missing 20% elemental… which in reality is 12% final damage.

So, it would be 3% damage difference but have leech of 23k per hit.

Also, i am thinking that COE 200% elemental has mitigation and the 20% missing elemental on amu is more like a 5% or something?

What is your advice?

I’m no barb expert, but in general, the second looks better because of the %element. You can make up LpH somewhere else.

CoE is a separate multiplier. It won’t deminish the %elem on the amulet.

Thanks for your thoughs. I also tend for the elemental damage one, even if that Primal looks so damn good.

In the end, i will test it in GR 130 and see how its going, that LPH might be helpful but damage is also so important, most important.

That 3% damage difference might be one extra GR push.

yes it will but only when coe rotates to phys

Nope, as I said, CoE is a separated multiplier.
The formula is:
Damage = … x [ 1 + sum(%elem) ] x [ 1 + COE% ] x … other bonus

No matter COE% is 0% or 200%, it won’t affect the [ 1 + sum(%elem) ] term.
Therefore, coe won’t diminish %elem

If you don’t trust me, you can check the formula on d3planner.com

i stand corrected. Thank you