Why Battle.net keep scanning D3?

Well like my title said why is it keep on scanning everytime when I start up the D3? SC2 is fine and only D3 kept doing it. Only happen today and yesterday was fine.


Blizzard NA provided an answer here:

Perhaps go through the suggested steps and, if the problem is still there… send them your Log Goblin file(s) as requested.

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Only happen 2 days ago. I had D3 installed since it came out even before RoS and never had this problem before. Only now all of it sudden.

There was a hotfix for the Battle.net App made last night and it should have stopped doing this now. If not you may need to Restart your App to pick up the Update.

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Yup, it works now. Thanks all back to normal.

This problem appears that didn’t go away with the hotfix on my d3. :frowning: