Why is EU forum much worse than US one?

EU forum is empty in comparison to US one.

Many sections of the D3 forum are missing, for example:


… and others. Why?

There is only one Bug Report forum (if you make the exception of the one in Korea)… all players are expected to report bugs in THE Bug Report forum.

I can only assume that Blizzard thought it would be more useful to have only one forum… allowing players to report similar issues regardless of where they are located and what language they speak. I guess it’s easier for them too to only deal with one forum.

For the other forums… don’t know… if Blizzard was present (in the form of a Community Manager or Moderator)… that type of question would be answered directly by Blizzard.

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I suspect the lower number of forums on the EU side is entirely due to the relatively low traffic that our forums get compared to the US forums. The new forums have been up 39 days. On EU there have been a total of 929 posts. On US there have been 17600 posts. Perhaps they didn’t add so many forums on EU because they don’t want to split up an already tiny amount of posts.

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As a gamer, i kinda expect (or prefer the idea of) the official forum of a game to be an all-encompassing forum for all fans of the game. I suspect that the US forum has a fair amount of posters that are from outside the US but whom still know good english. If they are from the EU, they might prefer to post in the US forum simply because it is more crowded over there. There are more people to see their posts and more topics to browse and respond to. More people creates a better forum, so it will attract more new posters than our less populated one. Like a popular server for a game.


The US forum has always been more active. I wasn’t aware that it was 20 times as active though…seems odd that they would have continued with a separate forum at all. Would make more sense to organize it by language than region.


Blizzard Tracker:

“There are no posts by members of this group.”

That was noticed on the first day the new forums went live…

Of course, in the month and a half the forums have been live, there’s only been a single blue post on the EU General Discussion forum. This is why we don’t have stickied threads for things like seasons ending, seasons starting, PTRs and so on.

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Honestly, I don’t see a reason Blizzard maintains two separate English-speaking forums. Every time I search a question about Diablo 3 mechanics - I can only find some related posts on US forums. And I am forced to post on US forums despite the fact I am located far from US.

I think at least half of US forum members are not physically located in US.

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Because Americans are self-centered as a whole they build from their own ideals, ideas and progression. Blizzard have more players outside of US than within but won’t listen to us, they want a divide.
Thanks to this injustice people from other countries that has been suppressed simply won’t post as much as US because if Blizzard doesn’t care, why should we.

I have no idea what that even means but it sounds rude but if you’re gonna act immature then you could leave the forums this place is for adults.

“Keyboard warrior” How flattering, you must be livid.


Did everyone miss this, just above DarkWarrior’s post…

That’s why most people use the US forums, because there’s simply more traffic there. You’re more likely to get a discussion, more likely to get your questions answered, and it’s where you get posts from the US Community Manager and, recently, from one of the Game Producers.

To demonstrate the difference in traffic, since the new forums went live 149 days ago, the EU forums have had 912 topics (threads) and 5.9K posts. Compare that to the US forums which have had 7.6K topics and 96.1K posts. That’s six times as many threads and sixteen times as many posts.

The reason they maintain the US and EU forums separately is due to the languages supported. The EU forums can be read in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and Russian (i.e. the main languages of Europe). The US forums can be read in English, Spanish and Portuguese (i.e. the main languages of the USA and Southern America).

A lot comes down to cause and reaction over a lot of years to why it is, as it is now.
Less activity by players is the reaction. The cause is the same as what happens with EU WoW forums. There was always more interaction with blue posters and players on NA. sure the important things get copy/pasted to EU. But that slowly made people less willing to post. Now the cycle turns where they call this the cause.
You will noticed lots links are dead as well on the EU side if you want to report something for example.

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