Again shadow patches? Do you even think before doing such idiotic stuff?

Again on my lvl 100 rogue from a day to another I cant even complete 80 ND’s when days before i was going trough 90’s+. Same happened earlier in season and at one point on my 100 Necro before season1. If anything you should make the game easier not (even more) frustrating at this point.

I would bet anything they doing modifications to the game difficulty without saying and if I wasn’t already sick of this shell of an arpg game before, now I f**** hate it together with those woke pathetic devs that cant get anything right; including all the missing content/interface/social/lfg/balancing issues (ie i keep getting higher level leg/uniques WORSE than the lower level ones I already have) Shame on you. You suck.


these are needed because at the moment there are so many exploits/haks in game that the diabolo game is literaly unplayable. good thing they do those!