Can I run diablo4?

Hello just wondering if I can run Diablo 4 on my laptop using
ASU’s tuf a17
ryzen 5 4000 series
Nvidia GeForce gtx ??(?

As far as i can tell a A17 has a RTX 4050, wich is plenty enough for Diablo 4, you would have no problem running the game.

Also be warned that you need a decent internet connection as this game is forced-online and you’ll lag a lot without silly connection speeds when playing with others or simply near others.

just dont… u will regret it…

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Correction. You don’t want to run diablo 4

It will run it. Till it starts overheating as game cosumes all available power regardless graphics settings.

Consume all of the power? What is that, I never seen Diablo 4 do that. Besides how silly is these gaming computers that have hardware in them that are so powerful that the pc overheats when used fully… :+1:

Because of the current state of the game I suggest you do not run the game but you run FROM the game.

dont bother the game is rock bottom now. maybe wait and buy the expac in the end of 2023 (80-90 usd most likely) or wait for 2025 that diabolo 5 will be launched according to streamers.