Changing my weapons’ gems - Opinions?

Hi. Lvl 81. My main attacks are Lunging Strike, Death Blow and Upheaval.

I’ve been using topazes in all my weapons. Lunging Strike displays a damage of 15-18k.

Now, I’m considering changing some of the topazes, to emeralds or sapphires. I’ve done pretty well in the game so far, without focusing on the classic vulnerable+critical.

Yes, that’s been intentional. I noticed I didn’t truly need it, so I avoided following the trend, because I liked my build the way it was (more or less). And I will continue to avoid focusing heavily on crit+vuln, if I can help it. BUT, I decided to give it more attention now.

Currently: Crit chance/dam 28,6/58,2, Vulnerable dam 60,5. And I’m looking into improving those, without making fundamental changes to my current gear, as most of the bonuses there are worth keeping.

I can cause vulnerable pretty much on demand, through Upheaval and Steel Grasp. So, maybe using emeralds instead of topazes would be a good idea? Just two of them, means +24% to crit dam while vulnerable. And I lose about 1k damage in Lunging Strike, by unsocketing two topazes (which provide a +40% dam with basic).

I do rely on Lunging Strike often enough, for damage dealing. So, I’m not so sure I should be losing that much. I don’t know if that +24% from emeralds is actually better. From what I read, it’s not like I’m gonna improve my crit chances a whole lot more even if I focus on it. I see people talking about something like 40% crit chance, tops. Which is not hugely above my current (considering it’s not a focus).

And how about sapphires? Their general bonus to crit dam is a bit lower, but “crowd controlled” is something I cause even more often than vulnerable (I think). Monsters are slowed or stunned, quite often. Leap slows, Audacity aspect stuns often, Weapon Master aspect stuns often, Hamstring passive slows many, etc.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell a difference, if any, merely by experimenting. So, what would a good combination of topazes, emeralds and sapphires be, according to you?

Honestly, I’ve always relied on topazes because it’s the type of damage I deal most often, and none of the options looked attractive in weapons. Dam with basic is one of those many stats that you can boost super high, without seeing a corresponding boost in reality. But the other gems seem even less useful.

Thanks for your time.