Feedback to improve the game further

This is feedback to get a better game, these are some ideas for gameplay.

My background/story
as a gamer and game designer

I have played All of the diablo series, world of warcraft, ultima online, Dragon age 1,2 3, and alot of RPG.

I have also created boardgame since i was about 8 years and now I am 43, I got a degree in graphics and development and have played games since i was a child and also developing games.

I would like to give some feedback how you might be able to improve Diablo 4

-What if you had a renown for the vendors? to be able to get better gear or to be able to do quests to collect pieces to create unique specific items from specific vendors in the game.

-Blue an white gear is meaning less, you should make so that you are able do discenchant items for spec of a specific trait to be able to change value or reroll a value of a specific trait or maybe even race item value of an item.

-gold could be collected automatic it doesn’t. No point of why it drops on the ground any more.

-gems why does it take up space in the inventory? Just give an item a list of the available gems to slot the item with? Like the collected materials. Transmute or use gems/skulls give this items a more interesting value. Trade for exp gain or maybe resistance or use for potions. These items doesn’t fell interesting after a some time into the game or why not to raise monster lvl for difficulty or improve droprate of specific gear.

-Random places with higher lvl:s for monsters, that are challanging for solo or group. Make these so that you could only make them with a small amount of people.

-Vendors that have interesting gear, that might have even legendary and unique gear but you might need to do a questline to be able to open them.

I would like to see more side quest that opens like the same spark as when you got Arcanes Valor in Diablo 1 or Skeletton king and the Butcher.

Love the story line but i am not sold to seasons, to restart the game every 3-4 months is kind of boring. Let old characters in for the new things after the season or give them a possibility to unlock for cash before if you need the money.

I like the renown, but it could expand even further.

And make respec free more interesting to be able to change builds and make use of gear.

Thank you for the experience, I like that you have an opened world and the leveling system that scales the full map, remind me about Ultima Online that I think still has one of the most interesting ways of leveling, and not to kill their world. Open up for harder monsters that you need to run from at some parts would have been cool :slight_smile:

Make the game epic :slight_smile: and thank you for the gameplay so far!

People hate renown, and blizz has all but removed it from the game at this point, there is no point in expanding on it.

Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this and f***ing died


Gem stash is coming in season 2. A alternate use for gems would be nice, because at the moment you quickly get way more gems than you will ever need.

No, anything forced multiplayer is a big no-no. This is Diablo not WoW.

Personally i would rather see gear crafting than vendors selling better gear.

The current side quests in the game are pretty much meaningless chores, it would be nice to see more indepth side content, i agree.

Like i mentioned earlier, renown should be removed, not expanded. Nobody likes renown.

Agreed, free respec’s and a armory to save presets would be a big improvement.

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Looting system is what makes people leave, its so annoying to pick up and check before selling all yellow items. If they want me back they must

  1. Balance classes and pvp
    2.Every season when we kill Uber Lilith give us a dungeon where only 820 items drop and only with max rolls. Believe me even to find pants with 3 damage reduction stats and life will take time. i am sure you will spend a day finding exactly ones you want for your build. There are many good affixes, but come on… I have 2 level 100 characters and only found 3 items with perfect rolls (none of them had wanted combination of affixes tho…) So with a dungeon where guaranteed 820 with max rolls on affixes loot you could really try out few builds and combine with other players in PvP or high End Dungeons with bosses which needs tactics and combinations of classes skills. Make people chat to each other, play together… If i didnt have my real life friend playing with me - i would probably never partied with anyone.
  2. Blizzard should understand - that we are humans we want to be creative so damn give us tools to create a character, you gave us skills, paragon - its fine, but items… legendary should be like 20 item power stornger than yellow?? at the end game finding legendary is just gold… its better to look for yellow and will be cheaper to reroll to wanted affix. Also items like shako… i dont know how you guys feel about it, but myself i know that i will never even meet anyone having it, if blizzard doesnt come to sense and change the droprate…

Lol guys once i even tried to imagine how did that guy who created shako feel? Did he feel like God who can create a most powerful item in game and then tell everyone - you wont be able to get it loosers unless you play 2 years 24h per day on level 100Nm dungeon. Then release a patch where barbarians and sorcerers could get many of them in few hours in a helltide. I know a guy in real life who has it, he still quit playing…

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