Got to Lvl 100 and now bored

Enjoyed the blast of the end game 50-100 but stopped playing no real point in carrying on beyond 100 while I wait for the new season.

That is allso how the game is designed to be, you hit 100, and make a new character, you dont continue to play the 100 after you have beaten uber lillith.
A Leaderboard wont be here before season 3.

D3, game starts when max lv is reached. D4, game ends when max lv is reached.

First time in a Diablo game I did enjoy th eromp through the dungeons. Should I try 3 as its more fleshed out or wait on D4?

You should give a try to D2R. While it doesn’t have many of the QoL that D3 has, it’s still the best in terms of end game, build options, feeling of progression, challenging and has much better graphics than D3. The itemization is also great, on par with D3 but with a different flavor to it. Some things are better, some are worse.

That being said, D3 is still loads of fun. And while it’s not really a measure of a game’s quality, you still have nearly 3k viewers of D3 on Twitch while D2R & D4 are both at under 1k views.

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Thank you for the advice appreciate it

ya, since there is no end-game you get bored quickly.

I got bored at lvl85. Well, actually at 82 I bored, but I tried to continue and at 85 I was done. Im installing again now on new pc, maybe I’ll do a couple NM dungeons just for relax.


pretty bad design if you ask me.

the issue is that you wait for next season. maybe wait for next expac in the end of 2023 or diabolo 5 in 2025.

That is how blizz wanted this game to be.

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Around Level 96 was my moment of inspiration when i finally learned that i wont get anything better than what i already got for my Mage.

This game is unrewarding after Level 90ish…

i dont even know how to play Season 2 without getting bored quick…

its sad