I cant lounch game on PC... "play" button doesnt work (ultimate edition)

i cant lounch game on PC… “play” button doesnt work
im rebut batlnet and PC - doesnt help
im delite and download game again but still didnt work
dont know what to do help some body

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I have the same issue too!

what country on your account?

Mine is showing Europe

I have the same issue too. Reinstalling doesn’t work either.

mine has also bugged out and the play button doesn’t work

I am also having this issue.

Same issue on my side. The “Start” button has a gold outline but says I cannot play yet??!?

Hey all! We’ve gotten some reports on this and I just moved the Sticky we have in our US Forum to the EU Forum here as well.

Please go through the steps there and if they don’t help, please get back.

I have followed all the steps but it still doesn’t work.

this help me… thank u very much!

Did not help. Really great to pay 100€ to not have access after 17 hours still.

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