Improvements to make the game better!

D4 is by far a new game but by the point of a char at lvl70 there’s not much left interesting to do and the loot system is CAP! i remember on D2 playing 8 hours straight rune hunting, trying to find a maras and even looking for a SOJ. so here’s some improvements i think will save this game, and IMO in does really need saving.

  • Make the loot worth grinding again , i.e. like hunting for runes to make a great rune word for your build , a SOJ, a Maras etc
  • get rid of the complete account bound garbage for unique and items, i mean what if my friend really needs something i have? this will bring back such a great social aspect to this game and also entice new players.
  • Please do a COW level they are just tradition and IMO should never have not been a part of the base game.
  • The games graphics, gameplay style i do enjoy and think a good job has been done for the most part, i feel the items, gear, trading, runes missing etc are what brings this game down. There is no longer an item i think " oh i need to grind for 4 hours and achieve this"

All in all ive decided to give D4 the chance of 1 year to make some spectacular changes in the game to make it worth playing, after this i feel this series has died and is no longer worth the investment especially at the price of the game.


i think more people should reply with their suggestions maybe blizzard will look at it.
My opinion would be:
loot system is what makes players leave. about level 70 you already found everything possible (not talking about the ones impossible to find:D uber ones) and you realise that from this moment is just checking thousands and thousands of yellow items to find a good roll and to craft a unique. this is not fun - this is a torture! and even when i can clean NM100 - there is no fun. FUN is to play with others to try out combinations tacktics or whatever against other players or even killing world bosses. In this game… if my real life friend didnt play it - i would have never partied with anyone. this is a online single player game with no content and annoying LOOT system. Also PvP area Lags, classes not balanced…

ok i’ll add my tuppence worth

1; end game content is lame (hell tides are unrewarding and just frustrating
2: levelling after 70 is just too tedious (and boring)
3: the char never feels OP level scaling be damned
4: no item farming (as yet) too many legs that you end up vendoring due to lack of inv space
5: not enough customization to be able to create your personal champion d3 enchanting was more varied and worthwhile!
6: no “Ron seal” things don’t do as they say whether aspects or uniques (Windforce and Fists of Fate for example never seem to produce a 290 + 40% dmg proc )
7: too much clutter and not enough info on-screen cant readily see which buffs I have currently and my dmg numbers too often stack upon each other also no heal numbers

If you skip campaign there is nothing to do as well, your only goal is level up and take on capstone dungeons to upgrade world tier, as much as capstone boss are some fun, its not nearly enough. Upgrading to further world tiers is also not much, you get some tiny bits of stuff like tree of whispers or helltides, nothing worth much attention. Only way to get something done are nightmare dungeons and those are to long and have stupid stuff built in to slow you down even more.

The loot. It needs to be revamped.

There is way too much loot dropping. Reduce it to maybe max one tenth of the amount that is dropping now.

There are way too many different stats on items. Remove most of them completely.

Do not drop stats just for the current character. Players like me want to do a character of each class and the chance of finding a great Druid item with my main Necro should be part of the game. It is way more fun to hunt items that way!

Stop the direction where it feels I have to work steadily to be able to create my own ultimate weapon. I do not want to have to ‘edit’ a good base item into a great item, forcing me to just endless grinds to be able to do that. I want the ultimate weapon or armour to drop at my feet instantly giving that great feeling that I hit the jackpot.
Give us great and farmable uniques and sets.

If the item hunt is not revamped I will not come back.

I disagree with you.

  1. It does not matter how much loot is dropping.
  2. Reason why they are so many stats is because they took the approach you are asking here. Diablo 4 offers almost no crafting at all. You can swap the aspects but i do not consider this even as part of a weapon. Should have its own slot in character page. You can swap one affix and thats all. Upgrading is not working towards its just 5 clicks with 0 options.

i got drifted away… reason why diablo loot is so bad and has no crafting seems to be that they followed your will. LOOT A PERFECT ITEM.

So you have to go trough 1 000 000 bullcrap items in hopes that one will have exactly the affixes you want. There is no way to turn almost perfect item into a perfect item with work. Since you can only change one affix thats it.

So think again what you are asking for… because they delivered it allready.

what i would call working towards perfect weapon would be.

  1. Reroll one affix. (we allready have)
  2. Run specific dungeons and kill specific bosses. That give you whatever the materials that allow you to add an affix to an item. Do specific world events to reroll that affix if needed.
  3. Completeing tree of whispers quest gives you material that allows you to drain one affix power to another. (you have high roll on poison damage for example but low roll on crit damage… this allows you to lower poison damage and increse crit but consumes less power than it gives) With such system there should be also a “cheating” mechanism.
    You can drain one affix power but then reroll it if you have not yet. There is nothing more fun than a game that allows you to “cheat” a little.
  4. Bloodmarks can be used to increase gem slot power. (normal 100% gem power up to 200%.
  5. and so on.

thats what i would call working towards perfect item. Currently there is not much you can do besides reading item power number and then getting tired of reading affixes that you dont giva s*** about.

I can partly agree with your ideas about stats and the way you describe it could be fun. Except when it becomes work, just grinding for gold or materials, for example to reroll. Then there is no luck, no moment of excitement, just a long grind where you see a number slowly rise until you gathered enough. I find that sickening.

Ps no need to endlessly sift through that many items if you reduce the loot and useless stats.

I do agree that doing specific tasks over and over again becomes annoying really fast.
“why not just use gold, eh?”

However some activities that i suggested are something u do anyways if ur playing the game. You do world bosses and you get whisper points, you do world events anyways…
Bigger problem seems to me that there are no initative todo anything at some point.
It should not be mad heavy grind, just go and kill a boss for an item or stack those items from boredom… have atleast some goals sometimes.

Worst thing is when i open the game, look at the map and think: " There is no point of doing anything, really."

Nigtmare dungeons are a way to crawl forward but on top of the fact that they are like u said slow grind. Whole dungeon or multiple for like 0.25 extra damage. if i do this alot i get plenty but for me personally i think DLSS ruined it. My game crashed like bazillion times before the end of the dungeon so i have sor of bad emotions tied to NM dungeons. But even if i did not, they are definition of slow grind. That isolates you from the open world that is the only big thing copared to cometitiors of D4.

I think D4 should motivate people to mess around in open world and keep dungeons for come n go. Go get what u need from specific dungeon and roam on. U know.

After developing such crazy thing like open world diablo and then locking players into basements is kinda odd :smiley:

Edit: I think only uselss stats are resistances, they should not fix them but just remove from the pool. and yeah, remove some stuff… posion damage, damage to posoned, poisoning damage and poison skill damage etc… i dont even mind if all those damage affixes had each one can give u mad results… but yea.

  1. it makes people confused
  2. even if you dont quit the game before your brain starts to sort all that stuff without feeling pain. you dont have much control over it.
  3. People think that this is the reason why there are so many of them, just to have lower chance for good loot. i think its kind of true if they dont provide any crafting.
    if we had more control over those affixes it would actually become more digestible.
  4. They really messed up with lucky hit and overpower. Those things should be romved from normal affix pool. have their own specific slot and be way more fun. Lucky hit has some fun stuff but over power… how about just make overpower like lucky hit but it procs on skill cast not on hit. chance to double buff duration/power, chance to whatever with badass animation.

curently they are just annoying affixes… like u said useless because much stuff is good but just on the way of getting better stuff… they gotta fix this.

Sorry for the long post.

I will just add better gore, pools of blood and gibs, corpses not dissapearing immediately, more mobs , better uniques.

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