Is Blizzard never giving any feedback in this forum?

So dead. No comments from devs or moderator of this game in any post?

Live service game… Ha ha ha

This forum is for PC players. Use support forum.

nope, american devs has never been active on eu forum, D3 forums is 100% proof of this, and that situation continues with this forum. This place is only here for you to vent your frustration.

If you want their attension, make an account on the u.s forum.

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For post from Blizzard you need move to NA forum. This is fake forum no one visit it actually.


Exactly. Use only the US forum. They even have a bug section and blue posts from time to time (never from the devs though).

It does make you wonder why there is a ‘Blizz tracker’ tab.

in order to give feedback here or write something you need a diabolo 4 account. i doubt the devs have one.