Lilith statues are boring

I just can’t… I don’t know if it to extend game time or just to making sure we are all over the map, but this is the second time I have to collect the statues and I hate it…
They are too good to ignore but I’m literally just looking on a map on second screen to get it over as fast as possible… Its S1 and I’m already more tired of it than I am of POE campaign(done that +100 times at least), the only thing that is keeps me coming back is the battle pass, and not gonna buy that in s2…

How do the rest of you get past this hell hole of statues?


WTF? You only have to do it once per account. You had a month to finish it


They released a patch where the eternal statues found and areas discovered would move onto the season.

You just had to log in two days before…

This might be the norm now.

Edit: Check patch notes 1.1.0a

I did finish it… Also had to do it on my alt before s1 and I just stopped playing

Nope. You didn’t. They were also shared on eternal back then.

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Don’t do it then

So you did them all anyway. H&S games are meant to be like that - most things are repetitive, like grinding, doing quests and so on.
If you don’t like it, go play some strategy game or whatever. You’re wasting your time.

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Exploring the world is a reward in and of itself.
People that love travelling and geography will enjoy it.
People that lean into history/are historians will love battles, so naturally they don’t think exploring is meaningful.
Deep down, humans are broken into “I like power, I have power, nothing else matters!” (historians) and “I like finding things out, exploring and fooling around!” (provokers, challengers, scientists, explorers). Evolution comes from the 2nd one.
Another way of looking at it is Fixed vs Growth mindset. If that sounds confusing, google it!
Regardless of which one you’re in, you can at least respect the other.

They should keep the number of statues, but let have every statue 10 different lockations to spawn on on that part of the map. Then every account would have a little bit different locations, so each player find his/her instead of just following a mapguide. :slight_smile:

Seeing that the players who actualy like the lillith statue finding are in a strong minority, this idea would just upset the general playerbase even more.

Lets be honest most of us just googled the locations (which is boring)

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Lilith statues was great, but only during first playthrou, after finding all it is good that it is realm wide. Ofc hc and sc are separate.

Collecting Lilith statues in Diablo 4 is boring and they should still be remembered for the next season regardless of if you find them all or not.

Don’t do it then. No one is forcing you.

Yeah. Agreed, they just should give us fully equiped lvl 100 chars of every class.
Instead of making us level up, gear up… It is so boring !!!
Lets faceroll dungeons with zero difficulty from a start.
Thats a meaning of fun !
Thats the way we win :muscle:!!!

They are boring because collecting them does not include any gamble or surprise.

Its something you have to do. If one does not collect statues he wont unlock lvl rewards and character will be weaker than it should be. It is considered as work that has to be done

How they would exite me and make me not collect them by watching online map`?

  1. Finding a statue gives massive EXP buff (+25%) for 15 minutes, so its best to celebrate finding statues with grind or running into a dungeon. Instead of running into another one.

  2. Statues have a small chance to respawn and give:
    100% Mothers Blessing: 25% Exp boost.
    10% Mothers Embrace; Chance of getting unique ring that can be used or is just some good cash.
    50%40%30%20%10%5%2%2%2%1% 1% forever chance to gain addional paragon point,
    So after getting 5 extra paragon points from respawned statues you still have a chance to gain extra paragon point but this is a chance of top of a chance of finding statue.

Would add atleast some exitement.

it would be nice to simplify the search for the statues by giving information of how many are already found in the sub-regions. That would help alot.

That is shown on the renown progress on the map, how many Altars of Lilith you found out of total.

those are the main regions but there are also sub regions

It reminded me of Datacron hunting from SWTOR, but with a lot less platform jumping.

you have to do it once on softcore and then again on hardcore…super boring