Newcomer thoughts to Diablo Scene

As a newcoming to the Diablo scene once you reach a stage with your gear where you are steamrolling most content but are not level 100 is that all you can do is farm nightmare dungeons and outside mobs in the field of hatred
(Seem,s a nice area to get yellow drops to sell for gold if you dont mind being ganked occasiaonlly)

The occultist rerolling costs are INSANE… and why can I only reroll 1 stat ?

I enjoyed the levelling and the story was good but upon reaching 88 I was feeling like “Can i handle another 12 levels of increasing XP just mindlessly farming the same dungeons over and over” (I have noticed that you seem to get a lot of the same nightmare dungeon sigils over and over)
Like Sarat’s Lair is less common than Nightmare Emanation.

Im not really a side quest person so I guess I could do those but they are fairly boring to do.(Go here kill X or collect X and return)

I,m currently running Tier 45-50 Sigils and to be honest I am a little overwhelmed with all the stats and not sure what is an upgrade or not… I have mostly over 800 Item Power items and everything else is under that so is that a downgrade or not?

Am i missing something or there some end game content not here??


nop, you seen it all.
And itemization is poorly done too


Oh… I am so glad that I got it free with my RTX 4070 then but I do feel kind of sorry for the people who did pay the extortionate amount of money Blizzard was asking for this game.

Lets hope S2 is better than S1, Otherwise this could be a case I would NEVER buy a Diablo game (I know 1 person saying they wont buy a Diablo game is not scary but if a few hundred thousand people say it that could make a dent in Blizzard’s wallet…)

I think this game + Ow 2 will make the dent in Blizz’s wallet. Hoping for it at least

I am a really big fan of the Diablo universe.
Diablo 4 content is nice to play!
But i get the same vibe, lvl 83 barbarian here, and all i can do is NMD around 30+ tier…
Same dungeons, and grindfesting to 100… but with the same thought of quiting and not gonna grind my nights to just level 100 for what, no fun or something.
I feel your pain…

5 of my friends stop playing around level 70 when Tier 4 starts.

And like everybody else, we hope Season 2 has more endgame content. Dive into hell maybe ?
Resurrect Inarius and start a crusade to Mephisto!

It’s a nice thought, and they need a shock to the system for both games to make games for the actual consumer and not for their shareholders but… Unfortunately… This will never happen because of the terrifying amount of people that spend money in the shop/buy BP’s arbitrarily

And honestly, this is the main reason game companies go down the toilet, why tf would you tryhard making a game if you know you have a constant steady income from selling pixels -.-

As the saying goes, a fool and their money are easily parted.

Yup, I was suckered.

Never believe the Blizz hype and congrats on getting your RTX 4070. Thankfully there are better games out there … much better games … than D4 to while away the hours. :slight_smile:

Another one realises the truth.

I bought D4 and then also gifted a copy to my brother so we could play together.
He said I was crazy but I told him at least this way only one of us would feel like we wasted money.
He quit playing at about level 55 in the end and I leveled all the way to 100.
My expectations were so low that my only real regret is supporting such a trash company like Blizzard. But I didn’t realise exactly how awful they are at the time of purchase…

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